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Summer is back! Schedule is roughly the same except for 2 Good Morning Asgard Streams!

(all times EST)

Stream Schedule

Monday and Wednesday:

  • Morning: Good Morning Asgard (9 am-10am)…exclusive to Odysee! Click https://odysee.com/@odinsmovieblog:c to get to the channel. We will talk about movies and pop culture on these days. The show may end early or go later depending on how Baby Thor sleeps!





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Hello everyone and welcome to the new OMB Reviews! While the site started out as a place for honest movie reviews and scoring, timing and limitations have led to the decision to simply make this a home base for the OMB Reviews channel. Get ready for new features, possible membership opportunities, and more! Thank you all so much for remaining with me on this journey. All of the movie pages that have already been created will remain, but new ones will cease to populate in their old format. Thank you for your time, patience, and support and here’s to a new adventure! God bless!