2021 in Film

Here is a list of movies from 2021 that I have seen/want to see. They are listed in order of release date according to Wikipedia:

Films Seen

Run Hide Fight = C-

Boss Level = A-

Nobody = A

Mortal Kombat = D+

The Marksman = C+

The Tomorrow War = C

A Quiet Place Part II = A-

Blood Red Sky = A-

Ice Road = C

Wrath of Man = A-

Films I Want to See

The King’s Man
Morbius Mortal Kombat
Free Guy
Ghostbusters: Afterlife
Venom: Let There Be Carnage
Top Gun: Maverick
Death on the Nile
The Last Duel
Mission Impossible 7
The Nightingale

One thought on “2021 in Film

  1. I finished voting in the new Raven Awards and I regret there wasn’t a None of the Above. I feel like a cheater voting in categories of which I’m clueless (like best animated – didn’t see either but had to play eenie-meanie-miny moe). Or, I didn’t want to vote since I didn’t care for any of the choices. Did my best.

    I did see that The Nightingale is a movie you want to see. I didn’t even know there was going to be a movie version of it. I read it in our old book club a few years ago, and while I liked most of the book, the ending felt like this: “Hi! It’s your editor, Kristin. How’s The Nightingale going? Oh really? Well hey, the publisher needs the draft like YESTERDAY. Can you get us the copy today? You still have a bit to go? Ummm…they REALLY need it now. Okay, okay good. We’ll be looking for it this evening.” Because we all agreed the concluding chapters felt very rushed and left some questions. I hope the movie does better, but I’ll be passing on it because I know it’s going to be a tough, painful watch.

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