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  1. I just wanted to post a friendly FYI for anyone who cares. The theaters where I live are still filling up to two thirds capacity on the weekends here for Alita. I saw it again in on Saturday (thank you AMC A-List) and the only open seats were the front and back rows. Saw something else today and on my way out caught someone stepping out of the Alita theater for refreshments and when asked they said the theatre was about 60% full. I just wanted to pass it along since both instances combined made me happy. I love this movie and I’m happy to see the theatres it’s in here still filling up.

  2. There are a lot of things that can be said about this amazing movie, but I think it would be enough to say: I always come out of this movie more hyped than when I entered. Even in small auditoriums without 3d, it’s still the most spectacular experience of my life. So if I always feel that way, then the film makers must’ve done *something* right.

    A for Alita

  3. Aside from the obvious visuals, good story and great score, one reason I really enjoyed the movie is the use of character parallels. For instance, Ido and Hugo: Ido is a charitable cyber doctor by day, criminal cyborg hunter by night. Hugo is a legitimate parts trader by day, criminal jacker by night. Both see humanity as depraved and untrustworthy, yet both are guides for Alita on her journey to rediscovering herself. Or, Alita and Ido…contrasting parallels. Alita is haunted by a past she doesn’t know while Ido is haunted by the past he can’t forget. Alita finds satisfaction in combat, while Ido cannot find peace in hunting. Although Ido tries to prevent Alita from finding her true self, he only finds peace in letting her become the warrior she is. The relationship is completed when Alita accept him as her “Father” when earlier she stated she was not his daughter and when Ido doesn’t stop her from going into battle, thus accepting her as the daughter she is and not the daughter he lost. The crossings go on between Alita, Ito, Hugo and Chiren…at least what I saw. I would go on, but too much to write. In short, all four characters are broken. However, Alita fixes them, becoming a daughter, a moral compass etc. as much as they fix her, filling empty parts of her forgotten life: father, friend, love interest, ally. Loved the movie in other words.

    1. Speaking of character parallels, I noticed that Alita and Grewishka were mirrors of each other and that made their rivalry more interesting. At first glance, it seems like Grewishka’s nothing more than an obstacle for Alita to overcome. However, I realised that he represents the monster Alita could have been if Nova had discovered her instead of Ido. She has an instinctive attraction to violence and forgot that Nova was her enemy so if she’d been found by him, he would have manipulated and abused her in order to make her think that she couldn’t be anything more than a killing machine. Grewishka thinks that way and like Alita said, he’s just Nova’s slave. Heck, even Grewishka himself said “I live only for her death” so he can’t comprehend a life outside of killing anyone who opposes himself or his master. When you look at it from that angle, it makes Grewishka a bit more sympathetic because deep down, he believes he’s worthless unless he’s following Nova’s commands. They even visually represent the contrast between Alita and Grewishka by showing that Alita was discovered in a scrapyard bathed in light while Grewishka was discovered in a scrapyard shrouded in darkness.

  4. I went into Alita with a lot of excitement from the trailers but also a healthy dose of concern thanks to the previous live-action adaptations from anime. I came out with all my concern laid to rest and my excitement thoroughly rewarded. Alita has a good story and for the most part tells it very well. The movie is well paced and moves from action to story and back to keep the audience engaged and without fatigue. The whole movie is visually stunning. My only real criticism is that the romance between Alita and Hugo was a little rushed at times but it was still enjoyable and charming. Also that Hugo could have been better. He was good in a few moments and alright in most but his performance didn’t quite reach the level of the rest of the cast who were all fantastic start to finish. Especially Rosa Salazar as Alita and Christoph Waltz as Ido.

    Long story short, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I would happily recommend it to anyone looking for a good time at the theatre. I’ve been to see it more than once and don’t regret it for a second. It’s the first movie of the year I truly love and I can’t sing it’s praises enough.

  5. I am not a anime/manga weeb and had never even heard of “Alita” or “Gunnm.” First saw about this film was from a preview at a movie, and seeing James Cameron was on this, so I decided to give a shot. I absolutely love and adore this movie and it’s been on my mind ever since I saw it on a special 3D event Tuesday night premiere the first week it opened. Alita is such a strong genuine character who finds herself while dealing with adversity, love, tragedy, etc. through the evil and horror of iron city. Not to mention fucking badass at every turn. So much depth and complexity to her character and everything surrounding her.

    This is by no means a perfect movie. There are well spotted issues through it which the narrative seemed really unclear through the first viewing, some of the characters didn’t work for me as well. The critics have been on it for it’s “muddled” screenplay and cliche dialogue. But this film is worlds better than what the critics are trying to make it look like. Cliche is fine if it works and it is well proven here, that’s how the manga was written. The visuals are honestly the best I have ever seen, the score is outstanding, the cinematography is gorgeous. I have seen this movie 10 times and never have I been so invested and in love with a fictional character. This movie reminds me why I go to the cinemas and revere pure mastery.

    I absolutely would die for a sequel. No matter how long it takes I would love to see a franchise done to the best of its ability on this.

  6. Hello! I wrote a really long analysis of Alita: Battle Angel and talked about how it affects culture, the content and quality of the movie, etc. in a blogpost on Tuesday and there’s no way I’m going to copy and paste the entire 7,500 word post here but if that type of discussion is something that interests you then you can read my thoughts about the movie here:

    Let me know your thoughts and opinions or if you think I made a mistake, cheers!


  7. This is easily one of the best ‘female’ lead films in years. No identity politics, no political correctness bullshit. Ive seen it twice now and will be buying it when its out on Blue-ray.

  8. This is feminism done right. The difference between a feminist and a feminazi is shown through Alita because she is a realistic character who doesn’t pander to the SJW crowd by being portrayed as a Mary Sue. Alita doesn’t need to tell people how strong she is, she just shows them and that is what differentiates her from feminazis, who are all bark and no bite. The fact that a cyborg is more human and relatable than the “strong female characters” idiots like JJ Abrams, Rian Johnson, Ava DuVernay, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck and have been puking out over the last few years is a testament to James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez’s storytelling skills and Rosa Salazar’s talent as an actress, which is made even more impressive by the fact that motion capture acting is harder than normal acting due to the restricted movement and potential claustrophobia. The only times in the entire movie where Alita seemed to have any trouble moving were when she was underwater and when Grewishka sliced her into several pieces. In a motion capture suit, movement is not as easy as Rosa made it look and I’d even go so far as to say that she’s actually better than Andy Serkis because she knows when and how to be subtle whereas Serkis has a tendency to ham it up. Add on the fact that Rosa has confirmed that she is open to different perspectives – in other words, diversity of thought, which is far more important than diversity of ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation – and believes in genuine equality, not the fake equality that the SJW crowd pushes, and you have a character, a movie and an actress that anybody can admire.

    The only complaint I have about Alita is that the ending was rushed. Aside from that, I can’t find anything wrong with it. If you really want to nitpick, maybe you can say some of the romantic dialogue was corny but these are two teenagers in love. 99% of teenage romances have corny moments in them, both in fiction and in real life, so the dialogue fit within the story being told. Speaking of story, this shows that there are still people in Hollywood who know how to tell one, even though they’re in the minority. I watched the movie three times and on all three occasions, I was crying when Hugo died. Alita’s last words to him before he fell were heartbreaking. In a way, I’m glad that I left the cinema in tears all three times because it shows that, even with the cynicism and bitterness I’ve built up over the last few years, genuinely good movies can still move me.

  9. Do you have a heart? Are you not a sociopath? If you answered yes to these two questions you will love Alita and after you fall in love with Alita you will love the move. For those afraid of her eyes, know this the eyes are the window to the soul and what a soul this young, very old girl has. Yes Alita herself is pure CGI, but there are no seams, when she is with someone, Alita is real or realer than the person she is with. This is not simple motion capture, it is performance capture and my can Rosa perform. Watch Alita eat chocolate for the first time and if your heart doesn’t melt, I doubt your humanity. Beyond that we watch this young woman who you love find herself and grow into the hero she truly is, not for glory or gain but to protect the ones she loves. Sure she’s attracted to violence but with a heart and soul like her’s that’s a good thing for the people around her and a bad thing for the evil in the world.
    So if you want to find a hero that you can truly love, go see Alta: Battle Angel.

  10. The best manga adaptation by far. True to source material. Great acting. Amazing special effect. Go see it on Imax. Hope they make the sequel. 5/5

  11. I loved Alita: battle angel. It was funny, had great action scenes and emotional. I haven’t seen the anime or read the manga so I don’t know much about that world, overall it was an enjoyable trip to the cinema.

  12. Fantastic film. Even with some of the best action sequences ever, the real gem of this film is its heart, movingly portrayed by Rosa Salazar in the title role, who steals every scene in which she appears.

    I haven’t had this much enjoyment at the movies since I first saw “Star Wars” in 1977. And now, as then, I wanted to see it again before I even left the theater.

  13. Coming from reading the manga back in the day and having a fair knowledge of what this character is about…
    Saw the movie twice.
    The first time, I thought they were trying to cram too much of the storyline into a 2 hour film…but then again, this is a different medium from reading the manga.
    Visuals and action sequences are grade A.
    Information overload…a little bit, especially for someone with no background knowledge of the source material.
    Second viewing…a little bit more definite appreciation of the film, and catching more details and going-ons while watching. Alita was able to reflect and trigger emotion in me, when she cried, I cried; when moments of anger, adrenaline, and action appeared in the film, I felt it.
    If it was able to trigger all that…the movie has done its job.
    This is what defines it as a good movie.

  14. Uhh…Was pretty average. I thought the effects were amazing and the main character was likable but everything else… The film was so cheesy it was eye role inducing and I love cheese! The love story made me want to hurl, seriously UGH! But the worst thing is how incomplete this movie is. I get you want to make a sequel but good lord wrap SOMETHING up in this movie. Nothing but setup and no payoff. Alitas memories, never explained, just a couple short flashbacks, The big Cloud City that everyone loves and want to go to, we never go there. You have to make us come back to WANT to see more not FORCE us to. You wanted to make this movie for over a decade James and it isn’t even a satisfying story on it’s own, you need a sequel to get the full story? Screw that noise. I guess it is the best movie anime adaptation though, that isn’t a high bar though so don’t get too excited Alita XD

    1. Well, Kik, I am sorry you didn’t like it. From your complaints I will take it as read that you never read the original manga. Every element you found lacking was in the original manga, which told a very long story that took many, many years to complete. Having read – and being a fan – of the manga, let me tell you that it simply wouldn’t have been possible to tell Alita’s story in once single movie (or even in an over-long LOTR style trilogy). As it is, the only flaw I see in this movie is that they tried to cram too much of the first story arc into this movie. In fact, the main villain doesn’t even appear in the manga until much, much later into the story. I’d suggest that you read the manga – if you like sci-fi, you will like it. But don’t bother to watch the OVA – it is crap compared to the manga and this movie.

  15. I love this movie so much I can’t wait for the sequel! Action is on par, some parts are lacking but it’s made up for.

  16. I am a fan of the manga, but I didn’t like the OVAs, which simplified the story and had horrible art that didn’t even try to match the manga art. And given the routinely horrible history of live action adaptations of anime and manga, my expectations of this movie were very low. I was genuinely surprised at just how good this movie is! The special effects are flawless. The characters are great, and actually resemble the manga characters very closely! The storyline actually follows the story in the manga, and even though they had to simplify the story a bit, they didn’t take out anything vital. The only thing I don’t remember being in the manga (admittedly it’s been over 20 years since I read it) was the bit about Ido’s daughter. In many places it follows the manga story beat for beat! I can’t decide if Ido or Alita is my favorite character in the film, though Rose really tugs at the heartstrings with her portrayal. The sets and CGI are stunning! I can honestly say this is the only good, faithful manga or anime adaptation to live action film that Hollywood has EVER produced.

  17. I had no idea what to expect from this film but I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the world looked and the CG was. Really good story. I would love to watch this over and over but just can’t afford it lol. Hopefully there’s a sequel.

  18. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie they kept the spirit of the manga while going in its own direction. Over all the film did a good job of pacing that you never felt it dragged.

  19. I’ve seen it twice now and couldn’t be happier with it. I think my only criticism is the need to CG Rosa Salazar’s eyes, but as a whole it worked. I’ve loved this story since the manga came out in the 90’s. I was concerned that James Cameron would pull the Avatar treatment on it when it was first announced that he was producing Alita, that he would just push the effects over a vapid story with uninteresting characters. My fears were quenched quite a bit when it was announced that Rodriquez was the one to actually direct and he didn’t disappoint. Definitely getting the Blu Ray when it comes out and I’ll probably sink some cash into any other merch I can get my hands on. Now I have to dig out my old boxes and re-read the manga so I can compare all of the changes to the story before seeing it again.

  20. I cannot say this loud enough, if you haven’t seen this movie yet in theaters, I highly recommend you do! It’s no joke one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time, and it’s not getting the amount of attention it should be getting! Not to mention it’s one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time in 3D, the CGI is absolutely beautiful thanks to the awesome WETA Digital!

  21. Honestly, my initial reaction to this movie was “meh” when I saw the trailer; anime adaptations can tend to be horrible (Gundam Saviour and DragonBall Evolution – I’m looking at both of you) so for me, this was initially a pass. It wasn’t until the likes of Odin started hyping this movie and I became aware of the film’s philanthropy that I decided to go and see it.

    I wasn’t disappointed. I could go on for ages about this movie ( and in this 54 minute long spoiler filled review, I did ) but I will simply say for anyone on the fence, that this is a true hero’s journey, with a genuine female hero (as opposed to the recent litany of Mary Sues). The film is a little slow, but given the heavy universe building that the film engages in to begin with, this is forgivable. There are one or two supporting character portrayals which could be better, but all in all, the whole thing works fantastically well and manages to pull off being part of an ongoing story and a self-contained movie brilliantly.

    To nitpick over issues with one or two members of the supporting cast 4.5/5.0

  22. how to put it, story good 7/10, action, 9/10 CGI 9/10, characters 8/10, chars 8 cause some were wasted potential, they could have done more with some of them, and like wonder woman it does fem empowerment right without over doing it and without getting political

  23. Decent film. I just saw it tonight and am still processing a bit. My only previous exposure was the anime movie(?) and I haven’t watched that in a while. From what I could remember, it stuck pretty close to that. Anyway, I did find it a bit of a slog in places. Overall, it seemed a little slow to me. I may have been expecting too much from the movie too. They did a good job building Alita’s story up, seeding revelations about her past into the movie, and did leave me with a desire to see the sequel, which I am hoping they will make! I would give it a solid B.

  24. I had seen the previews on TV and I did *not* plan to go see the movie. Even tho I like anime, for some reason it was flying under my radar. Then my Dad asked me to go see it with him… Odd considering he actually does not care about anime. But I agreed and we went to see the film.

    I was blown away by it. It was fun, highly entertaining, makes you care about ALL the characters (even the vilains, so take that as a good sign), and has well paced action scenes with more character development scenes.

    The CGI is gorgeous, integrating itself very well into the world building which in itself is remarquable. I would give it a 4.5 / 5 star, but with current rating I gave it a 4. Definitely a must see, and to quote my dad at the end: “Hey don’t stop now!!! Ok now I want the sequel ASAP” — I agree.

  25. I saw Alita Battle Angel this weekend and it’s a solid candidate for best movie of the year. It touched my heart in ways most of todays SJW-infested movies simply can’t.

    The main character Alita, despite being CGI, has so much life in her face and mannerisms that she brings the likes of Brie Larson’s (cough) ‘performance’ in Captain Marvel to absolute shame.

    The romance and chemistry between Alita and Hugo is precious. They’re both badasses that enjoy each other’s company and they build each other up as they go for their dreams.

    The action scenes in my opinion are well-animated and choreographed. You don’t funk with the likes of Alita. It’s a blast to watch her conquer large groups of dangerous mecs.

    The story is engaging and well-paced, though some serious questions are left unanswered by the end credits (it’s obvious from the way Alita Battle Angel ends that the creators intended a sequel from the start).

    On that note, it is my hope that the creators will be able to get the money necessary to allow us to continue with Alita on her journey. Nice to know I contributed to that.

    I am very glad I took the ‘Alita Challenge’ this weekend and encourage anybody reading this review to do the same.

    I give Alita Battle Angel 4 stars out of 5. Great movie!

  26. Saw it twice, loved it. Was better the second time since the pacing is a little rushed. Sadly, Alita does not seem to be getting much fanfare despite the great depth of character and World building.

  27. So I have been studying mocap systems and working with CGI movie software the past year. This is a phenomenal movie for CGI work. The work done with this is amazing and I can’t fault the work.

    The movie itself I loved it for the most part. It had some predictability to it but that is pretty much any movie I see. One problem I had is the fact many parts were instantly recognized by the trailer and telling of the direction. For those curious and thinking they want to see this don’t watch all the trailers out there. If you are like me and notice all the little bit in the trailer then this movie will be less enjoyable.

  28. Loved it, watched 3 times in the first week.
    Thank fuck for no SJW, feminazi cow turd!
    Once again stunning CGI & motion capture from Cameron’s vision.
    I highly recommend it, and hope for more on this line.

  29. I just got home from my 3rd viewing of Alita. This time in digital instead of 3d. I love this movie. It is so expressive and beautiful with awesome effects. I really hope we get a sequel. This movie is the heroes journey. I rate this movie an A.

  30. Alita: Battle Angel, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

    I really didn’t know what to expect from Alita, I was only vaguely familiar with the Manga and I had seen the OVA, which was interesting to me more for how it could have been fleshed out rather than what it actually presented, it ran for a shade over an hour. I am a huge fan of manga, anime and I love Japanese culture and appreciate the way the Japanese convey a narrative and I have a (very) basic understanding of Shinto – which infuses so much of what comes from Japanese movie and TV show makers.
    I have seen a number of hapless and, indeed, hopeless American attempts to remake Japanese cinema, television series and anime. Pretty much all of these attempts fail because the either ignore or fail to understand Japanese story telling and, more importantly, the psychology of the Japanese and their Shinto religion. Death Note, Ghost In The Shell, Dragon Ball, Speed Racer, et hoc genus omne, have left a bad taste in my mouth, and I confess that I paid for my ticket to Alita: Battle Angel with some level of trepidation and apprehension.

    What happened? I was completely bowled over by this wonderful and exciting movie. Lovers of the manga and OVA need not fear, Cameron and Rodriguez and respected the source material and presented us with a loving realisation of Mr Yukito Kishiro’s vision.

    Alita: Battle Angel balances an origins story with a “coming of age”/”self-actualisation” tale and a kick-ass action movie. I’d like to think of Alita as the first of a series of movies dealing with her story – there’s plenty more to tell! – and this is a very promising start of a franchise.

    The special effects are state-of-the-art and the fight scenes are both thrilling and a joy to behold. Rosa Salazar plays Alita with sensitivity and commitment. Christopher Waltz plays her father with dignity and honour – and the relationship between his character and Alita is clearly a healthy one – a strong, honourable and admirable father figure in a modern movie! – what a refreshing change! The rest of the cast are all strong.

    The only weakness, and it is a slight weakness, is that Alita: Battle Angel endeavours to cover a lot of ground in one movie. It is my hope that the next two or three Alita movies settle in to presenting her very intriguing and nuanced story in greater detail.

    I will just add one more observation and this is because of Alita’s close proximity in time to the release of the other female protagonist led movie, Captain Marvel – which, at present, I have no plans on seeing. The only agenda manifest in Alita are to entertain, dazzle, excite, intrigue, move and bewitch its audience. I would go as far as saying that Alita: Battle Angel is both a good hearted and open-hearted and Ms Salazar hasn’t found it necessary to put down the opposite sex in the promotion of her beautiful and thrilling movie.

  31. Just returned from my second viewing of the movie. I have the original anime film. I enjoyed that, and I loved this film. For the most part , it was true to the source material, and the action was quite good. Christopher Waltz was quite good as Ido, and Rosa Salazar did an amazing job as Alita

    1. I am going to see it again, too, Charles. I love this movie and I am happy to pay money to see it again.

  32. I loved this move. Alita is easily the best manga/anime adaptation ever made. It is my hope that this movie is a stepping stone to a future of well made manga/anime adaptations. Rosa Salazar and Christoph Waltz were amazing in this movie. The visuals were spectacular. The small changes from the source material were totally understandable and acceptable and worked just fine. Alita was true to her character and that was the best of all. I cannot recommend this movie enough. Go see Alita: Battle Angel. You will not be disappointed.

  33. I thought the movie was pretty good. The visuals were cool and the character of Alita was well balanced. Even though she’s a cyborg, Alita was still able to display a range of emotions and had flaws. She didn’t come off as a Mary Sue.

    The only things that I didn’t like happened toward the end. The pacing felt rushed and they threw in sequel bait.
    Focus less on sequel bait and focus more on giving a movie a good beginning, middle and end.

  34. As origin stories go, this was pretty refreshing. Prior watching of the trailers somehow imbued the actual moment Alita is discovered in-film with a sense of bittersweet pathos, borne of having some idea of what was to subsequently come. It was a cinematic moment that must have resonated, because I was aware of it as it happened, and it was unusual for coming so early in the film- before the titular character even gets her formal introduction.

    The pacing kept the energy up and the plot moving forward. The exposition was as engaging as the action; seeing Rosa Salazar’s on-screen chemistry with Christoph Waltz and Keean Johnson was a particular highlight.

    All-in-all it’s rather telling that a film so steeped in CGI should largely circumvent the usual fatigue concerning its ubiquity in modern cinema. Its implementation here is such that one is aware that the filmmakers composed scenes so as not to visually overwhelm the audience during action set-pieces, á la Transformers.

    Comparisons to Blade Runner ought not to be taken as a negative. The setting serves the characters, and even the poorly sketched out ones build the world and narrative in their own way. The lighting and score, likewise, make this film feel intimate and expansive as and when required

    All told, there’s the makings of a very compelling cinematic universe in this adaptation. If it can find the success it deserves, and the stellar performances from the central cast hold across entries, there’s nothing currently in Alita: Battle Angel that wouldn’t be fixed by successive forays into her world. If it ends up not being the watershed moment in film some have predicted for it, it will doubtless be a cult classic; one that gains traction with the passing of time.

    Highly recommended by this reviewer.

  35. I have seen this movie 12 times I fell in love with alita so fast. This is the best movie of 2019 and I will continue to support this movie.

  36. I just have to say, I might be a bit bias, I have been a fan of the original manga, bought the Japanese manga (all 9 volumes) in 1993. I have been waiting for this movie for almost 30 years. And let me tell you.. It did not disappoint. Alita Battle Angel is well balanced, well acted and it has heart, truly a wonderful movie. I do admit there were some minor flaws, like the way she required her blade and some other details that bothers me personally as I was a huge fan of the manga. Having said that, judging it as a movie and disconnected to the legacy of the manga, this movie is awesome!! The best part of it is Alita’s character, (or Gally in the original Japanese version) played by Rosa Salazar. She gave an outstanding performance, she truly did Alita justice. Christoph Waltz and the rest of the actors were amazing as well. Oh.. and there’s lots of kick-ass action sequences. I highly recommend it! I’ve seen it twice, I want to see it again. I gave it a 4.5/5!

  37. Great visual effects, great acting, solid story, not the best pacing, and the story is left a little unresolved. Solid film that was a lot better than I thought it would be.

  38. This is such a great movie. It stays pretty true to the manga. The acting and animation is really clean. It feels like you get lost in the story once you let yourself get into the story.

  39. Watching Alita in my local IMAX theater twice, I can tell you that the motion capture was fantastic, as well as the visual effects, and best of all you can feel the movie’s beating heart throughout. Shoutout to James Cameron.

    1. Don’t forget Robert Rodriguez and Rosa Salazar. Technically, you can throw in the whole cast and crew but aside from Cameron, those two deserve the most credit.

  40. I was not expecting much–other that it was not Captain Marvel–but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s actually a great movie. I’m going to watch it again tomorrow. There’s a lot of visual stuff to absorb, so I hope to pick up more next viewing. I hope it makes enough to warrant a sequel. I’d love to further explore this world and maybe even delve into the past war, etc. There’s so many areas this movie can delve into.

  41. I’ve watched Alita more than I’ve watched the Disney-era SW movies combined (this includes the 3 times R1 was playing in the background in parties).

    Side note: What’s the opinion on showing proof (a picture of a ticket) to be able to write a review?

  42. Great entertainment! The only con is now I want more Alita. I wanted her to go up and kick some more buttholes even if I had to sit for another hour or so. (I would need 1 or 2 bladder emptying breaks tho)

  43. Alita – Battle Angel – based on the manga Battle Angel – Alita (they’ve clearly got Yoda working in the publicity department). It ends up being a mash up of Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell (The Scarlet Johanson one), Rollerball (not the good one – the Jean Reno one) and Elysium. It has stunning state of the art performance driven CGI and amazing production design. Where do these modern Sci-Fi epics always fall down? It’s always the story and the B tier support actors… Despite that standard issue ‘handicap’, and a sequel bait ending, it’s still good. I liked it, I didn’t love it.

  44. Alita: Battle Angel is the movie I’ve been waiting for my whole life. Even after 5 times watching it, I am still moved by the emotion that flows out of Alita. She really might be the most human character I’ve ever seen. The visuals are breathtaking, the acting is mostly top notch, especially Rosa Salazar (Alita). If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you doing, go, now. A+

  45. I like Alita because it was ‘fresh’. It actually showed us something different, used bleeding-edge technology beautifully, had endearing and great acting and characterization, and was faithful (I’ve heard and also read some of the manga back-in-the-day) to the source material. Finally, it didn’t treat fans, of the manga or movies in general, like idiots. On the latter point, additionally, check out any interview with the lead actress, Rosa Salazar. She’s inclusive, smart, charismatic, and kinda hilarious. Thanks for this site, Odin, and for promoting (or even starting) the #alitachallenge. I’ll be paying money and seeing this movie again

  46. I really enjoyed this movie. Alita was a really well acted character and the hero’s journey felt really good. The only thing that wasn’t great was the actor who played Hugo and even that wasn’t enough to really tarnish the movie in my eyes.

  47. Fully agree with you Odin. BEST movie I have ever seen to date. Perfect use of James Cameron’s CGI technology. Love the character of Alita. I felt invested in her story after I left. I’d have to say she is my favorite “superhero” character now and hope the sequels happen.

  48. I saw in 2D , were i live they had no 3D option, and after seeing it ,i wished i could also see again in 3D, very nice story and heroin you can love and empathize with, i just hope they do make a sequel .

  49. This film is peerless. It is true masterwork. Rosa Salazar’s performance is peerless, and the beautiful rollercoaster ride of escapism provided by Rodriguez, landau and Cameron is never before seen. The casting, script and visual effects are absolute perfection. With a narrative that is nothing but wholesome. Aliya herself is a true heroine and an inspiration to everyone. There is no fault, whatsoever that I can find with this movie. It is a beautiful spectacle, that whips you up in it’s arms and whisks you away on its beautiful journey. I’m on my 6th viewing, even buying tickets and not being able to see it, just out of support. This film is so important right now, and we need a hero like Alita in these dark media times. DO NOT STAND BY IN THE PRESCENCE OF EVIL, STAND WITH ALITA BATTLE ANGEL.

  50. Alita battle angel is something special it’s an amazing science fiction action movie that has everything in it martial arts amazing special effects a great story a ton of heart and it’s all tied together by an amazing cast, of which Rosa Salazar is the lead and as Alita she is the heart and soul of the movie and her performance is absolutely brilliant.

  51. I was a great film. we seen a great character arc. It has very good CGI. It also has a great story line I recommend this move to all

  52. I saw Alita: Battle Angel 3 times. The movie was one of the best I have seen in a while. When it comes to story, acting, effects, etc. It is very good. I rarely give a 5 out of 5 for a movie, I havent done so for quite some time. Only 2 movies in 2019 got 5 out of 5. Dragon Ball Super Broly and Alita.

    My favorite parts in the movie. Alita, even though she was new, or rather 300+ years old. She had a measure of intellect. She was naive, but she got the wake up calls she needed later on. I like how she observed and noticed things, like Ido’s injuries. I like her reactions in certain parts. I like how she had to lose to be brought down just a peg. Even with the Berserker body, she knew she would have to be careful. Her fight against the big guy in the underworld, I forget his name. I call him Octofingers. lol. She tried using the same techniques and when they didnt work, she was on the defensive. But still maintained offensive tactics. Even when she was about to die she never gave up. I LOVE that in a movie. Going as far as you can, even when it seems like a losing battle.

    I like the subtle looks between Ido’s Assistant when he names Alita first. It shows there is something about that name. I like that Hugo was willing to stop his jacking in order to be with Alita. The way Mahershala Ali’s character and Octofingers changed in demeanor when Nova possessed them was great. You could tell even without the eye color change that something happened and they were no longer themselves.

    When a movie self-explains and you are able to pick up on things, especially movies that are based off animes, it is great. I have never seen the manga or anime, but this movie grabs your attention. The pacing was great. When Hugo falls. That was straight from the Anime. Down to the smile that he kept on his face before hitting the fog.

    I see reviews from others complaining that Ed Norton’s character was not established enough. To me, that is not true. I think that the Mystery behind the puppet master was subtle but not overly obvious. You didnt need to see his character throughout the movie, the limited shots that showed him gave you just enough to know, “Yup, he is sinister.” People say that some lines from Hugo were campy. I didnt see or sense it. I saw a person that developed feelings for someone. But didn’t know how to truly express them. People are like that in real life. Nervousness and such.

    So yeah, 5 out of 5. Alita was brilliant. No matter what certain people say because of bias. My opinion stands. Loved Alita.

  53. I was excited to see Alita based on what i seen from the trailers and friends who saw it and highly recommended it. I don’t follow manga and so didn’t know what to expect and went with an open mind. I loved it!! I loved the perfect realistic blend of CGI and with actual live actors\actresses. I was totally immersed to when the movie ended i wasn’t expecting it. It flowed where i didn’t keep track of time like in other movies that dragged. The action and suspense was great with perfect humor. Rosa Salazar played Alita perfectly and the CGI crew to capture her facial expressions is best by far!!. To take a movie from a anime or novel series and do a good job is difficult, they hit this one out the park. A couple of characters i wished they showed more depth but that’s how great it was that you can only nitpick. I loved it and took two female friends with me on two separate times to see it and they loved it as well. I can’t wait to see the next sequel for this movie. I give this movie a 5/5 stars. I plan on seeing it a 3rd time when i get the chance.

  54. Best movie I have seen in the last few years. After watching 5 times and still not bored of it just proves how good Alita is. Well directed and stand out performances from Rosa and Christoph. I have never been this hooked on a movie before and just want more. I highly recommend everyone see this movie. Would loved to have seen this with an R rating, but they got away with a lot. 5/5

  55. 20+ years ago I saw the anime, but I had forgotten most of it. I came in not expecting much – historically anime adaptations were notoriously bad. I was shocked – the movie was excellent. It was faithful to spirit of the original material (thus making the story/characters meaningful and good), with entire scenes even taken directly from the source. The action, and effects were superb, the acting great, and all without any identity politics or preaching. A symphony for the eyes and ears that creates a cinema experience so good I have rarely, if ever, experienced – even on repeat viewings.

    Was the movie perfect? No. It’s because you get so engaged and immersed in the movie, you notice really little things – lines of dialogue that you’d change or have the actor redo, and perhaps an effect or two that could have been improved catches your eye. Or maybe that it sets up a sequel may bother some (but hey – the movie covers only 2 of the 9 volumes of the original manga – what do you expect?). But then, if you’re honest, you remember how incredibly trivial these gripes are when in relation to how the movie makes you feel and to the overall experience. If you then ask yourself how many stars do I knock off for these imperfections, you realize that no movie could ever reach a perfect score if held to the same criteria. If I were to give this movie anything else than a perfect score due to its faults, then a perfect score is pretty much unattainable for any movie, and what’s the point of having a score no movie ever gets? 5/5

  56. I went into this movie not knowing what to expect. I haven’t read the manga, I haven’t seen the anime (yet), and I hadn’t really heard much about it. However, by the time this movie was over, I was ready to sit there for another two hours and see it again. This was an AMAZING film. The story was engaging, the acting was well done, the effects were phenomenal. I’m hopeful that more people will give this movie a chance and help to improve the domestic box office numbers, because I’d really love to see a sequel!

  57. Alita was good. I enjoyed it. However I felt they could of spent more time building the characters they felt rushed together. I also felt the story was predictable and had been done many times in the past with other anime. With That said I think Alita and the actress that played her brought a lot to the table, the CGI was amazing. Finally they prove live action anime can work and be successful . The supporting characters were unique an had a lot of personality. I am excited to see the sequel to see where the story goes. I feel they created a world I want to see and explore. Although I believe they used some old themes they put a unique and fresh spin on them. I hope the sequel happens so we can see more of this world

  58. Nice hero journey, from scrapheap to champion of the underworld, pointing to the elite sky city for the sequel. Also has a love story and father daughter drama, well done. I left the theater feeling very satisfied, and for the first time in my life I watched a movie twice in the theater. Its not perfect, and I’m not incompletely sure why I enjoyed it so much, but I definitely recommend it.

  59. i enjoyed it, but wasn,t really blown away by it like most people were, but thats just my opinion. action scenes were good but the movie grinds to a halt during the talky scenes and i can do without the teen romance bits. still better than Captain Marvel though

  60. I went and saw this film with my wife because of Odin’s recommendation. While the setting personally took a little bit for me to get used to, this movie did not disappoint! Alita was a well written character that was easy to become invested in.

  61. Did not have any interest in this movie until I heard so many people I respect saying it was good. I’m very happy I listened. The atmosphere is reminiscent of Blade Runner (except brighter), and the visual effects are seamless. You totally forget Alita is not physically there. She is a wonderful character full of heart, brought to life by incredible mocap and Rosa Salazar’s terrific acting. Christoph Waltz gives an excellent performance as Ido as well. When Alita called him “father”, I teared up. Both Waltz and Salazar are so perfect in the roles, I couldn’t imagine anyone else in them. The musical score by JunkieXL is very good. If you listen closely you can hear a little Batman v Superman and Mad Max Fury Road in there. The main detractors are occasional cheesy dialogue as well as an underutilized Mahershala Ali. He’s good, but Ed Skrein leaves much more of an impression, despite not being the main villain. The ending will not be for everyone, but it would be a crime if Robert Rodriguez doesn’t get to make a sequel.

  62. Great film, strong hero, a movie with heart and a good story. Not without its flaws, like every film, but buy worthy. Some moments were the cringe-worthy “Why are they doing this?” moments, but they also treat the reactions to those in the way you would expect. Love the supporting cast, though there are moments of blandness to the portrayal. Superb twists and has a darker tone not fully explored. Best part, it is an entertaining flick without being preachy or political motivations or social agendas. It’s a film that most people have been waiting on. Go support this movie. Don’t let it go down in obscurity. I will be watching it again in theaters and will definitely be buying it. This is the kind of movie I’d watch with my kids, much like the original Star Wars trilogy.

  63. Fantastic film, simple but strong plot, likeable characters, and absolutely awe inspiring visuals, ten out of ten should see.

  64. Brilliant film, and Hollywood kept very faithful to the original. Not once during the film did I feel the need or desire to take a quick smoking break and that says a lot for me!!!!

  65. This is by far one of the best movies that I have ever seen. Though it may not have the most complex or nuanced story, it makes up for that for having some of the best visual effects that I have ever seen in any film, fantastic acting and motion capture work, and a leading character whose heart not only carries the film but also makes you deeply invested in what happens to her. In an age of identity politics it’s refreshing to see a strong female character with a great story and character Arc. Do yourself a favor and go see this movie. I would highly recommended Dolby 3D myself which seeing as I hate 3D as a format should speak volumes. A-

    1. I am normally a little allergic to 3D movies in the cinema but I completely enjoyed the experience of seeing Alita in 3D. I went to see it with my two sons and they groaned when I told them that we’d be seeing it in 3D. As we all walked out of the cinema, we all agreed that 3D enhanced the beauty and experience of Alita.

      I am wondering if Avatar was James Cameron’s “test-run” before attempting to make Alita? 😉

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