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Jason Momoa and Amber Heard in Aquaman (2018)

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9 thoughts on “Aquaman

  1. It baffles me to no end how this made $1 billion. It was more fun than Captain Marvel but in terms of effects, writing, and performance it wasn’t any better than that mediocre movie. The action scenes just happened to be better and it didn’t mess with established characters or elements. I enjoyed Aquaman but wouldn’t buy it and wasn’t remotely tempted to see it a second time in theaters. It did better in the box office than much better comic book movies, which doesn’t seem fair to me. Only thing I can figure is shirtless Jason Momoa had a ridiculously larger pull than I would’ve expected.

  2. I saw this movie at the theater and then again on my LG OLED. It’s a beautiful film. The holes in the story are if Arthur’s little brother was SOOO worried about life under the Sea, He wouldn’t have waged WAR on the Brine!! So much for caring about life. As much as I love Jason M, and I really do, I think the love story of his parents and the HEA they got is what kept women coming back. Okay, AND a bare chested Jason.

  3. I saw this movie with a theater full of teenagers and we all had a blast. I had no idea that the Toto song Africa was popular with the kids these days. When that song came on, they were all singing along. So fun. William Dafoe steals the show as Aquaman’s Mr. Miagi. So happy to see Mamoa’s success as a leading man and he really embraced the role. And it made Wan Billion dollars. 🙂

  4. I thought this was a good movie. It had excellent special effects, a nice story, and great characters. The only problems I had with it were that it dragged on just a little too long, and I do not think it quite went far enough in the campy direction. Most people do not want campy superhero movies anymore, but I think Aquaman deserves more campiness. He is one of DC’s sillier characters. Other than that, I thought it was a great movie, and I would watch it again. I give it a B.

  5. Well done movie. Jason Mamoa will be a star, he is charismatic and like Chris Hemsworth or the Rock, shines when he can be a little silly without having to be quippy like Pratt or RDJ.

    The CGI makes it one if the best looking movies I have seen in a long time and I am not usually a big fan of CGI. Atlantis was so well designed and all the unique details they added to the world was easily the best part of the movie.

    Some of the acting was a tad hammy, and some of the dialog was meh but for the most part it was very entertaining.


  6. I liked it.
    Maybe it’s for the same reasons I see people saying they liked Catpan Marvel.
    I went into it expecting the joke Aquaman who talks to fish.
    I didn’t get that.
    I got decent effects a short and semi engaging family story.
    But I wasn’t expecting an MCU epic saga either.
    It’s weird though our Aquaman is almost a dead ringer for the Submariner.

  7. It is one of the 3 that was not botched initially and received a A cinema score as well as wonder woman and man of steel

  8. Though Aquaman is one of the better DCEU films (up there with Wonder Woman), it seems to be lacking something that many other super hero films seem to get. The CGI is hit and miss, the acting is the same, and the best part without any doubt is the beautiful score. This is not the film DC needed…but it might just be enough…regardless it is a movie I feel the need to see one more time to get the best understanding. C+

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