Avatar 2 (2020)

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Avatar 2 (2020)

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3 thoughts on “Avatar 2 (2020)

  1. I loved Avatar. I think it is a great idea to further explore the world it created in additional films or other forms of media. However, I think it is a terrible idea to continue the story of the existing characters. They had a specific story and they told all of it. They should just tell a new story instead of trying add chapters to the story they already created. That works sometimes but more often than not it fails to live up to the original when you just try to add to it instead of doing something new. At least when it’s not planned from the beginning.

  2. As many of you may know I hated the first Avatar not only for its overrated effects (not the world but the alien design) and awful unoriginal story, but also for how it made 3D into a fade for several years…no thanks!

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