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Avengers: Endgame (2019)

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31 thoughts on “Avengers: End Game

  1. I saw this during the Thursday night premier here but didn’t want to submit a review right away. I knew I’d be seeing it again today with a friend and I wanted some time to let everything sink in and digest. Time to process everything I thought and confirm what felt true to me and what might have just been ‘in the moment’ hype or excitement. So, here I am with a second viewing under my belt and ready to offer a review.

    I was expecting people to have some criticisms. I have a few myself. I am genuinely shocked reading here and watching Odin’s videos that there are people actually coming out hating it. It definitely has it’s flaws (which I’ll get into) but overall it was a great MCU movie. Not as good as Infinity War but definitely better than the average outing in the MCU.

    First, the things I came out loving even after my second viewing. The fan service and easter eggs laced throughout were fantastic love letters to the fanbase they spent a decade building. Some of them were cheap but entertaining. Others were powerful and heartfelt little moments that deepened the story. The acting throughout the movie was beautifully done. Some of the best performances in the history of the MCU. There were a few moments that weren’t great on acting but that had more to do with some of the story/directorial choices than the actors themselves. All of the music, sound and technical/visual effects were phenomenal. The MCU at the top of it’s game. The completion of Black Widow’s story was beautiful but heartbreaking. The completion of Iron Man’s story was perfect and poetic. They could not have ended his story any better than they did. Period! It was overall just a very good movie in spite of it’s flaws. It was every bit as enjoyable the second time as it was the first. I’d even be happy to see it a third in the theater if anyone else in my circle of family and friends hasn’t caught it yet.

    As for those flaws……. While it was fairly well executed the story was messy and for the most part predictable. Most of the characters were handled properly but a couple of others just weren’t the characters as they’d been previously established. Lebowski Thor was unnecessary (though the reference by Tony sort of made it worthwhile) and could’ve been accomplished without him letting himself go like that physically. Valkyrie felt like a completely different character. One that felt like someone she could’ve become but without more exposition it’s hard to see how she got from A to B as a character. I have the same issue with Professor Hulk. I understand why he was needed for the story but without us seeing how he got there it felt out of place as such a drastic difference. While Captain Marvel was actually ok overall (except the Thanos headbutt, but she was better than in her own movie) she was COMPLETELY unnecessary to the movie. Everything she did could have easily been given to characters established before her introduction. And finally, the only two problems I have with the movie that I can’t overlook even despite the awesomeness that was the rest of the movie. First, the ‘woke’ or virtue signal moment where somehow all the female characters came together at the same moment yet somehow not a single male character was anywhere to be found. It was thankfully brief but it was a cringeworthy moment. It didn’t diminish this movie but it does fill me with worry for the future of the MCU. Second is Captain America’s ending. On the surface it seems charming and heartfelt but there are two major flaws with it. The first being that without some serious mental gymnastics on the audience’s part it just doesn’t work with the laws of time travel they established in the movie. Basically the same complaint I had with the potential plot holes in Captain Marvel. Sure, it’s possible it could’ve happened that way but the audience has to jump through a lot of hoops to explain it. Just one of those things they really needed to explain more for it to work without making the audience work to justify/explain it. The second part (which could potentially fall in line with them needing to explain things better) is that Cap can’t not act. How he got through 50 years with never taking action and helping people? Sure, maybe he became a cop or something. Contributed on a smaller, less visible scale. But they don’t show us anything to indicate he might’ve which feels like a betrayal of who he is. A minor betrayal given everything the man had given to the cause of good and the fact he deserved a rest and happiness, but a betrayal nonetheless.

    So, there are my thoughts on the movie. It didn’t do everything the way I would’ve wanted it. It made a couple of poor choices and took the easy but messy route with the story. That being said, it was a fantastic MCU movie that brought a couple of the best moments in the entire franchise. Including one I believe to be the best moment across all 22 films. It had it’s flaws but was a beautiful way to bring things full circle and close out an era we’ve all spent a decade falling in love with. I’d give it a solid 8.5 out of 10. I would’ve given it a 10 but the final two flaws I couldn’t forgive dropped it a point and the others dropped it half a point for me. All told, I still love this movie and it’ll be one of the very few MCU movies I actually buy when it hits bluray.

  2. I viewed the movie first thing this morning. I have been feeling depressed and cheated all day. They did not drop the microphone. They dropped the ball. I feel screwed over. I waited an entire year and they gave me this? The writing was horrible. Lazy. Everything that I expected to happen did. All jokes fell flat. They destroyed the characters I love. The girl power moment was beyond cringe. No logical reason for it. Just stand there – look pretty and powerful for a group shot. Normally there is theater reaction during an MCU film – this one so bad – only stunned silence. As we left the movie the line waiting was watching us for reaction. You could see faces fall down the line. I even heard several people comment “Don’t waste your time or money.” The MCU is dead. They destroyed my characters. I don’t think I can ever forgive.

  3. Endgame Yeppers

    Fifteen minutes of OP Carol Danvers didn’t ruin this for me

    It was lovely fan service.
    A payoff to the fans who spent 11 years and 22 films with these people.

    It was not for me.

    Too many continuity errors.
    Too many good characters wasted.

    Tony did the right thing.
    Thor became a joke.
    Widow killed herself finally ridding her ledger of red.
    Ronin gets his life back.
    Professor Hulk is meh.
    Tony dies.Thor is a joke.
    Ending battle epic.
    Loved Dr Strange and Spiderman.
    Captain America is the weakest avenger.
    He returns the stones. But by living his life in the past he in all probability created a splinterverse.
    That kills the MCU for me.
    I was always team Cap.He was always my hero.
    He always did the right thing,but this time Tony was so strong and Caps feet by of clay destroy 💔 the singular marvel universe.
    It’s too much.
    I am just done.

    1. So I did forget to rate the film.
      The more time I spend away from it the more honest my rating is.
      3 out of 5.
      It wasn’t the worst but it did make me grasp that no matter what I don’t want wokeness in my films.
      Just entertain me,follow story continuity and tell an enjoyable story.

      This got part of that right.

  4. Saw this film this morning.
    Yes there was some shit I didnt like. (Fatbody Thor… Fuck that shit. Valkyrie being upgraded to leader of Asgaard? Fuck that.) Cap Woke added nothing to the film. She didnt need to be included. The bulldyke haircut was rather humorous, but it didnt help her.

    The Ending was well done. The Thanos vs. Tony scene at the end was worth the wait.
    Solid 7.5 / 10

  5. I am not happy with this ending of an era. Objectively I give it a 4.5 out of 5. Subjectively 3 out of 5. I DONT LIKE IDENTITY POLITICS IN MOVIES. The movie was good, it had the dark bits that made it really good. I will admit my favorite part was Captain Marvel getting tossed like a rag. I didn’t expect Tony to be the one though. This movie had great call backs. But it also had plot holes. Because of certain Changes in time, time wasn’t affected. I like the certain torch passings. But they did the Woke things. A gay character that serves NO POINT to the Plot does not need to be in the movie, regardless of it being the director. The Woman Power at the end fight. Stupid as hell. Captain Marvel’s condescension was asinine. And the Death of Widow makes the upcoming Black Widow movie REDUNDANT. I honestly wanted to like this movie. But I feel the Russos betrayed the fans with this.

  6. I saw this last night and have to say it was very underwhelming and I can say that Infinity War was the better movie of the two, though I mostly liked how they concluded the film.
    I had to actually think a bit on why it left a bad taste in my mouth and came to a conclusion, but I can’t say anything without spoiling something.
    No matter the reviews, whoever is planning on going to see it will still go, but I cannot fathom anyone rating this a 9 or 10 out of 10. I gave it what I think is a Generous 7/10 for the last 30 minutes alone, but if I were to rate it completely honestly, it’s a 5 or 6/10 overall.

    1. Yeh I was at a 6/10 myself when I left the cinema, but after sleeping on it/thinking about it all day I changed my rating to a 5/10. To me it was just an average movie. But considering the high standard of other MCU movies, I’d rate is as one of the worse MCU movies. Overall I felt very underwhelmed and disappointed.

  7. I was originally very stoked to see the movie…and then the MCU decided to play the Lucasfilm game where a legitimate criticism is considered racist, sexist, etc. regardless of a person’s race, sex, etc. I went onto my private calendar and removed it. I have no excitement for it at this point, and it’s better for me to wait until it drops on VUDU and my brother purchases it to put alongside all the other MCU/SW/Pixar/Disney classic movies he has in our shared collection. I already know all the major plot points and spoilers and that CM only has a few scenes, so I’m not worried about that or being “late to the game.” For now, I hope that everyone who sees it has a great time and that it’s everything you waited for!

  8. Just got back from seeing this (I’m from England). I am so disappointed. I honestly didn’t have fun at all with it. I felt it was so underwhelming and frankly boring in parts. I’m struggling to think of even one really epic badass WOW moment. Obviously there were a couple of BIG moments narrative wise, but nothing I felt excited or WOWED by,
    Initially I gave this a 6/10, my partner gave it a 5/10, but I gotta say, the more I think about it, the more I think I might actually like it a lot less than my initial reaction…..I may end up dropping my score lower, I need to sleep on it and see how I feel when I wake up. I know I’m gonna get sh*t for such a low score, but, hey, this is my personal opinion as an Uber MCU fan, as much as there is a hype train around this film, I never went in expecting a 10/10 movie, I expected an 8/10 at least tho and I feel like it was no where even remotely close to this.I got to be honest with how I feel and ultimately I feel really let down by this film. I didn’t enjoy it. I had no fun with it. It is what it is, I’m positive some of you will really dig it, but I personally did not, nor did my partner.

      1. I enjoyed reading your feedback, and I look forward to seeing if you tweak your score once you’ve had a chance to sleep on it and think over what you saw.

        1. Yeh, upon sleeping on it and giving it the day when I awoke to ponder it, I have indeed decided to drop it to a 5/10 for me. Again, I KNOW I’m gonna get uber sh*t for this, but I’m telling you, for me personally once I took the hype goggles off, it just wasn’t a very entertaining movie. Like I said, I can see people giving it 7 or 8’s influenced by the hype factor, tho I genuinely can’t understand a 9 or especially a 10/10 score, but I feel like once the hype has worn off and people go back to watch this in a year or two they;ll realise it just isn’t as good as they first thought. – My personal opinion anyways. Believe me I wanted nothing more than for this film to be a 10/10, I want the MCU to keep going from success to success, but I can’t let my fan bias influence me when rating a film, I’ve got to be honest with myself and others about the experience I had with the film itself, and the experience I had with this is best summed up by two words, very disappointing!

    1. If I had to score it today I would give it a four out of ten.
      No shit giving from me.
      The only thing the MCU did right as far as I can tell is name it End Game.
      It’s the end of the MCU getting my money,that’s for sure

  9. I was counting down the days since Infinity… but, then Cap Marvel arrived to squash that. I am really debating if I want to waste my time and money at all now. I will never be able view another MCU movie in the same light. It’s like when a child discovers there is no Santa. The MCU died with Stan – far as I am concerned.

    1. I would say there wasn’t much SJW BS in it at all, a few cringe dialogue choices from CM in the extremely few scenes she’s in, ALTHO it certainly STRONGLY hinted that A LOT of SJW BS is on the way for phase 4. There were several scenes that whilst not necessarily SJW BS as they stand, I worry are foreshadowing SJW garbage events to come.

  10. I want to see this but after the woke bullshit in Cap Woke I will not see it till I read the reviews of paying customers from week 1.

  11. Not excited for it at all. Haven’t watched one trailer. I think its gone on too long and the story could’ve been finished up with the last one. I will watch it at home but at this point it feels more like a chore than not.

  12. The drama around Captain Marvel and The Last Jedi has deadened my desire to see any more movies from Disney. I’ll wait till a friend rents them, and then I may see it. Not a dime is coming out of my pocket for Disney.

  13. I am really excited to see the OG team plus Rocket, Nebula, and Scott working together to fix things. I am not looking forward to any part Captain Marvel will have to play. I am going to set my expectations low, not because of Avengers because after Infinity War the Russos got my respect for life, but because I am very wary of Captain Marvel and Brie Larson. I still hope this movie succeeds and I cannot wait to see how things turn out. Thanos is a fantastic villain, and I don’t know how they will be able to top him in future movies. So hopefully Captain Marvel’s role will be small and not a Deus Ex Machina, and the characters that we’ve all invested years in will have a satisfactory and wonderful conclusion. I really, really, really don’t want this to be the MCU’s Last Jedi. It’s bad enough Star Wars is ruined canonically. I’ll try to be optimistic though.

  14. I’m undecided if i’m going to watch it or not. A small part of me wants to see it but a bigger part of me looks at infinity war and thinks this was/is THE real endgame!

    1. I understand why you would feel that way. For me, I am not going to judge a movie by its studio. I will see what critics and fans think then make my decision. Disney owns Star Wars and Marvel, so if I want any content from those franchises I may have to put some money in Disney’s pocket. But I can promise I won’t be seeing any sub par Disney movies in the theater. They will get the greatly reduced rental income.

  15. This movie is the end of an era, and the begining of a new one. I fear for the one that starts to present itself and take place, but this movie will be the end of one, we can all say, was amazing. If not for the future of the MCU, for its past.

    1. Avengers Endgame is the epitome of the MCU. It is the best example of what this franchise has become, and in that sense, this movie without a doubt does succeed. But unfortunately this is not a good thing.

      Endgame revels in the idea that it is the best comic book movie of all time, backed by a fandom that has elevated it to that status even before its grand opening. Believing in its own invincibility, the movie tries to reach new cinematic heights, backed by multiple fan service scenes, dazzling visual effects and relentless one-liner jokes that drown every ounce of drama a scene might have had (a formula used by the franchise during the past ten years). It bombards the audience with an onslaught of information in rapid succession effectively confusing the audience and funnily, itself too. In fact, it seems like the Russo brothers were expecting an audience devoid of logic, inquisitive thought or logical thinking. The movie wants its audience to be dumb and doesn’t care about delivering a good, logical and entertaining story. It knows fans will consume whatever this movie throws at them and they’ll do it with a big smile.

      In a time where people seek instant satisfaction in a every corner of their lives, where everything is readily available and where no effort is required to achieve what you want, Endgame shines the brightest. It is a movie that delivers instant satisfaction aplenty, but it does so by sacrificing the story and the characters for five-second sparks that shine brightly and quickly fade. The story lacks depth and it easily folds to any type of scrutiny. The movie feels like fast food, leaving you with an empty stomach right after the first bite. It seems the Directors are aware that this is just enough for most fans, so they just gave up seeking a better movie or good story telling. They just stick to the same overused formula, elevating it to new heights of exaggeration.

      The final product is a movie that delivers quick, easy to digest and shallow entertainment. Nothing has a real consequence, everything is lighthearted, rushed and quick. There’s no moment of contemplation, no moment of observation. The audience and the characters are on a rollercoaster of situations, carrying them from scene to scene at top speed, only slowing down to present quick explanations to connect each scene with the next.

      It is also a shame that this movie treats its characters so poorly. But it has been a franchise treat since after The Avengers came out. Character development here means changing a character’s arc completely from movie to movie, and is treated like an anecdote; a simple explanation to justify 180 degree twists. Most notable of these are Thor and Hulk, who are shadows of their former selves. So much so, it is hard to consider them the heroes audiences have known from the initial phase of this franchise. And it’s not that audiences abhor character development, on the contrary they embrace it. However this franchise, and Endgame in particular considers it as an accessory, something secondary that adds little flavor to the plot. Something to be treated lightly and dealt with quickly. We are told but never shown, there is no time for that, only the urgency of plot advancing. We barely witness real character development in this franchise, and in Endgame this is not an exception. At least, there are few scenes that properly treat a character’s story arch (Tony’s and Clint’s), something welcome. For the other characters it is like the audience is handed a photo album after a family’s holiday. We are told the holidays were great, that they had a good time, perhaps even a few pictures of them laughing or posing. But in the end we never witnesses the process, we are only there to see the end result.

      And then there’s the movie plot. Which raises so many questions and concerns, it seems the writers threw ideas to a blender and came up with the easiest story possible, without contemplating the consequences of obvious plot holes or alternative more logical outcomes. The plot depends on silly, illogical moments to advance, such as the rats saving Ant Man, or the epic “Bucky is alive” phrase delivered so conveniently by Captain America. Endgame uses these kinds plot devices shamelessly and without remorse. Surely many fans will notice the silliness but will quickly forgive them for whatever reason.

      Endgame is a passable movie. It entertains but leaves a bad taste in your mouth. It constitutes a fine example of easy entertainment. Die hard fans will forgive its many flaws (and will go to any length to defend it, as shown in the various explanation articles that have popped out around the internet). But the plot holes and inconsistencies are numerous and big, impossible to ignore if you have at least an inch of logic in yourself. And that is worrying. It is worrying that people settle for such low standards in filmmaking and storytelling. It is worrying that media celebrates hollow entertainment, and prize the shameless inclusion of political agendas. Gone are the days where movies were about telling a great story, where logic was used, where memorable moments were created from scratch. But most of all, it is worrying that people don’t care being treated like mindless drones, eager to accept every single nonsense the movie offers. But so are times we are living in. Endgame is already the financial success it was meant to be, proof enough that these kind of movies are in fact popular.

      From my part I refuse to accept that comic book movies can be this shallow. I know they can be intelligent and interesting to watch, they can pose real questions to the audience and can generate endless hours of debate, just like the great comic books of old. They can be all this and so much more while giving us the chance to see our superheroes come to life. It can be done, but it seems audiences these days seek quick, easy entertainment. Let us hope in the future, CBM can become better entertainment pieces. In the meantime we got the MCU, a project that was promising but failed to be great (and settled for financial success). And that is a real shame.

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