Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

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3 thoughts on “Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

  1. This movie is very watchable. I went with my friends and had a good time. So if you want surface level fun and light action and you like Harley Quinn I couldn’t recommend this movie more. The acting isn’t bad, the plot is at least more cohesive than suicide squad, and it’s not overly serious tone wise. Also, they do a really good job at capturing Gotham City aesthetic visually.

    Now, problems with this movie:

    If you are actually familiar with either the comics, animated, or video games involving these characters, you will be disappointed by just about everyone’s characterization. Here is my list from best to worst:

    1) Harley is the best characterized out of all the characters (closest to established characterizations). She’s given 3D emotional fleshing out, and exhibits at least a little bit of character growth. However, this movie is a Harley Quinn movie in just about every way, and with that in mind I would have thought that they would have gone further with the character. Made her zanier, more interesting, a little crazier, hell even just get to actually use the Bruce in a fight scene. Even being slightly off brand, she is undoubtedly the character that the movie claims her to be.

    2) Victor Zsasz is not too far off from his classic portrayal. He’s rather crazy and sadistic in the comics, and I think his sadism was well captured by the movie. My only problem with the movie is that they made him way more mesogenistic than he comes across in comics. He’s definitely super creepy and not a good dude in comics, but he’s generally equal opportunity in f*cking people up, and this movie for whatever reason points all of his creepiness at women (and getting black mask worked up).

    3) Huntress and Canary aren’t comics accurate, but I actually liked what they did with the characters. I’m not super attached to the comic versions of those two however, so if you like the characters more your mileage may vary. Overall I thought these two made up most of the best parts of the movie, and should have been given more screen time. Particularly because it is supposed to be a “birds of prey” movie.

    4) Black Mask: What the f*ck did they do to Black Mask? I couldn’t even tell you. He was a fairly well fleshed out villain, but I don’t think his character was absolutely butchered and wasted within this movie. What they really should have done, was either make of of the Gotham mob bosses be the central villain, or have an actual throw away character in use. If you don’t know black masks potential, go read or watch any of the Red Hood arcs where Black Mask is either the main or secondary antagonist, and then go look at the travesty they made of the character in Birds of Prey. On the plus side, he is a good villain, if not completely 3D.

    5) Montoya: Montoya is such a waste here. Montoya’s place has almost always been central in the GCPD since her original creation. She is either a respected figure second to the likes of Gordan or she’s an outsider that does her job so well it forces people to listen to her and pay attention. On top of that she is a queer character, who is always defined by her role as a police officer rather than her queerness (which is amazing to see in entertainment). This movie does her (or the GCPD) no justice. Here she has no respect from any of her other officers (who all seem to be men, is she the only woman cop in Gotham in this movie?). Her old partner is “stealing” all the credit for work that she has done. And she just walks away from her job at the end. On top of that, the movie didn’t even convince me that she’s a good cop. She came off looking like a pretty piss poor one. Also, they handled the fact that her girlfriend/lover betrayed her very badly. That should be a very impactful emotional moment, and they put down zero ground work to make the audience invested in her or in her personal relationships.

    6) Cassandra Cain: If you’re a fan of Cassandra Cain, don’t walk into this movie and think you’re going to see Cassandra Cain. Again, she is the character in name only. They’ve stripped away her comics origin/past, All of her skills, and most of her comics characteristics. Literally any random child could have been this character. They had no reason to use Cass’ name if they were going to throw everything else about her away. Also, she’s a terrible pickpocket and yet basically no one seems to notice. Also, her inclusion to some extent make Harley the “responsible” one, which really doesn’t work with Harley’s character.

    Lastly, this movie really paints men (all men) as being shitty, shitty people that hate women. So if a movie that does that is going to bother you, I would also suggest that you give it a pass.

  2. They took a character with potential, Harley Quinn, played rather well in spots by Margot Robbie, and put her into a screenplay with potential, and then crapped all over it with social justice politics.

    You can smell the remnants of a decent film in here, but what hasnt been tainted with ham fisted writing, has been completely removed for virtue signaling.

    The movie is completely insulting to fans of the comics. They mangle every character besides Harley. The only one even recognizable (if you squint hard enough) as some form of their comics persona is Huntress, which still got important characteristics wrong. Otherwise, it seems the studio took delight in bringing their own stereotypes and cliches to women characters. Asians as always, seem to get the worst treatment in these films and this is no exception.

    It starts out cartoonish and slowly devolves into an openly agenda driven bore. Black Mask has ZERO motivation other than he hates women….and thats the point. It comes from a view of the world that only the most ideological coastal elite could enjoy. No antagonist is written as one dimensionally as an sjw antagonist.

    The action just wasnt believable, and its a comic book movie, i get it, but you just dont buy most of these characters physicality. Harley beats up a whole jail by herself. Its silly in a “Rey Skywalker” is bestest jedi eva, kinda way.

    They use an eye rolling plot line about how Rosie Perez lost a promotion to some evil MAN who stole the credit for her hard work. Its the kind of set up that might as well sky write the payoff as you know where its going instantly….Its the kind of cringe that doesnt leave your face until you leave the theatre. A lifelong career spent as a victim to mean ole men but instantly proactive enough to steal millions and join a criminal gang…..
    Did i mention the predictable cringe….

    The end of Black Mask is unsatisfying and lazy…..and if i ever hear about a girl needing to crap out a diamond again, itll be too soon.

    Ewan McGregor gives an uneven performance and is clearly unsure how to handle the tone changes to his character by the end of the movie.

    I feel like the studio missed the point of this film. Its not funny. Its not a good story. Its a terrible waste of good comic book characters.

    Welcome to the world of woke DC, i guess.

  3. F

    So obviously Harley Quinn is the highest selling movie of all time ever. End game was NOTHING! Without a doubt Harley Quinn made five times more money opening night!

    Except oh yeah all of that is a lie

    Alright so I can tell this movie doesn’t understand the first thing about DC Comics. I can tell they know as much as doing a simple google search. So here’s just everything wrong with this film .

    Harley Quinn. She is nothing like the character. She is not even remotely close to the character. Personality is wrong appearance is wrong accent is wrong motivations is wrong goals is wrong her interests is wrong. She’s just 5% similar to the character for reasons like the hyena

    They have Bernie and I was going to give them a point for this BUT they don’t know who Bernie is. This tells me without a doubt the people who made this movie don’t know a single thing about DC Comics they just did a google search and made a movie off of the google search mixed with their politics

    Black Canary isn’t black canary. Wrong skin color wrong hair wrong personality wrong body type. This movie went far out of its way to make women as flat chested flat hip flat ass manly as possible. They did not want any woman to look even remotely feminine in this film

    Rose Tico I mean Shrek is not Cassandra Caine. I am guessing it’s a different actress but she looks like Shrek aka Rose Tico and I mean this is probably the most offensive thing the movie did. It truly shows how much this movie really hates Asians. Cassandra Caine is a beautiful thin muscular strong gorgeous proud Asian woman and a martial arts master. Here she’s a fat funny looking wide troll like Rose Tico.

    Black mask is just a gay mysoginist that’s it nothing to do with the character

    Victor Zsazz has nothing to do with his character he’s just a gay fuck boy henchmen

    Huntress they get the backstory right. Sort of. Her back story changes per each version of her but they basically got the right idea. However the actress herself is awful. It’s actually hysterical how racist this movie is. As a child she looks authentic but as she gets older she gets increasingly white. Looking less Italian and more like some Rey British cunt. This movie white washes black washes and treats Asians as garbage all at once. This movie is perfect representation of how super racist SJW liberal Democrats are

    They treat the Asian woman like garbage
    They make the white woman black as sloppy seconds to the real character
    And they make an Italian character increasingly pale white as sloppy seconds to the real character

    The violence is AWFUL. It is so fake it is so cringe. CRINGE. It makes CW violence look real. I made a joke about how the men won’t touch the women as they don’t want to be accused of rape but watching this film I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s actually what happened because this movie is so unbelievably fake.

    The movie makes no sense. It’s like if liberals were on a lot of drugs. That’s the only way I can explain it. Shit just happens. It makes no sense. I can only imagine all the rainbow hair SJW feminists were on a lot of drugs when they made this film

    This isn’t Gotham. This movie doesn’t understand anything about Gotham. This movie looks like it’s made in California or Florida. No effort no attempt was given to understand Gotham. I am positive this movie was made in Florida or California

    Renee Montoya is not like her character. She’s constantly going around wearing a I shaved my balls shirt. I am not even joking about that. So what is she a old angry transgender in this film? I don’t get it. What’s the point

    This movie is very anti cops but since it clearly takes place in California or Florida I can’t tell if it’s saying it hates Gotham police or California police. If it hates California police well that’s not very nice considering how they are always cleaning up your literal shit

    I mean the police are so incompetent in this film that anyone can just walk into their office with a gun and take down the police force and no one stops them. They aren’t even remotely inconspicuous. Harley Quinn stands out like a white person in Africa.

    This movie is what happens when you give a bunch of SJW male feminist liberal democrat soy boys a fuck ton of drugs. I only feel bad for the poor old Asian man that starred in this film. I really feel bad for him. I can only imagine how bad things are for him that he had to Star in a film that deeply despised him and literally despised all races except white wahmen

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