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102 thoughts on “Captain Marvel

  1. I saw this movie trying to set aside my feelings about Brie Larson’s politics to give it an even chance at being good. It wasn’t a great movie and it wasn’t a terrible movie, it was a blah movie that was forgettable. I was bored during the first two acts of the movie and the finale didn’t really excite me. The problem, for me, was Brie Larson’s total lack of charisma as the main hero. I just didn’t care about her and I really wanted to. The hack job they did on Nick Fury didn’t help, but the movie didn’t totally overwhelm me with radical feminism as many said it would. There were some cringy parts like the dad being a total jackass, and I took it.umbridge with it. Overall, I just wasn’t excited as I usually am after watching a superhero movie. She wasn’t Captain Marvel she was Captain Meh. 6/10

  2. Saw it. Wasn’t bored. Wasn’t exactly enthralled with it either. It was just enjoyable enough to keep watching. That being said, the cat’s scene got the biggest reaction from the audience. If this was a movie near the beginning of Marvel’s run maybe it would have played out better but it just doesn’t hold up to the other movies out there. I think being compared to it’s peers it deserves the lower scores it is receiving.

  3. The worst Marvel movie EVER! Absoloutly boring, far to family feeling focused. No identifiable story, very poor action, a Nick Fury doushbag and no ties to Infinity War whatsoever. Ms. Larson has only 1 expression (pissed off).

  4. A tribute to brawn over brains.

    So finally saw the movie last night..
    Had my hopes and expectations set to very low.. (Usually helps)
    However this movie was very.. Bland..

    Lets start with the things i did like.

    Most of the side characters where actually decent. Some where already known others where new, none of them explored very much but at least you got an impression about who they where.

    Talos and Fury both where decent and Fury did a lot of wisecracking a good deal of which was quite fun. Talos in general i liked, calm thoughtful and with more than 2 dimensions.

    Now for the rest.

    The thing that pissed me off most of all is quite common in movies, and its the inconsistencies..
    We see quite early that tho not at her full power yet she is clearly a lot stronger than the norm, breaking a metal frame that she is locked in.. Skrulls are weaker than her, the big one apparently is stronger tho.. Yet when we get to earth we see a Skrull wrestle with Fury for grip on a gun, how did it not simply take it from him ? We see 2 humans grab CM and hold her for a moment while she is attempting to attack a skrull.. With strengt like hers they would have no effect yet they hold her back.. I know this might seem like rambling.. But ffs make up your mind is she super strong or not ? And same would go for the skrulls..

    Then there’s the Superman effect.. Nothing quite makes for a boring superhero movie than one where our hero is not challenged.. Basically CM is superman with the absence of kryptonite.. If the villain does not challenge the hero there is no struggle.. So what then are we watching ?.. Its much like the ending of JL, superman arrives and its game over for the bad guy.. Weee how fun..

    The main character does in no way pull me in.. I don’t care about her what she does and why, a lot of it can be put on the Superman effect i posted above, but that’s not the only reason. I don’t know weather or not its the script or Bries acting but the character is so unlikeable, from the stone faces grimace that does not look badass but just annoyingly sour, to the lack of charm, personality and humor, everything about her just bored me.
    Even when we where supposed to watch these buddy buddy scenes between MC and Fury, it just seemed so damned forced more than anything.
    I caught myself sitting and thinking i actually cared more for the bad guy henchman Minn-Evrr or whatever her name was.. She had more personality than our main character.. A character with about 5 min. screen time.. I had more insight into her at this point than i did to our main character, her loyalties, her disliking CM which seemed obvious from early on. Its pretty bad when 5 min. screen time gives more about a character than a 2h movie does about the main character.
    The main character is also as my title says a tribute to brawn over brains, she acts like an idiot quite a few times, yet it don’t matter as she can just wave her hands around and it wont matter..

    Story is somewhat acceptable, not like we did not see who was the bad guy from the start of the movie, but oh well what a twist big big surprise. Mistakes like the S.H.I.E.L.D. name did not help. There’s also quite a lot of great and well known music from the 90’s.. Yet it was just so… Poorly chosen..

    All in all i felt like i tried overly to not be annoyed at dumb things in the movie..
    I rated it 2/5 would likely have given it 2,5 if possible.

  5. I fell out of love with the MCU after Age of Ultron. The same formula used over and over again, the lack of actual depth in existing characters and the overly simplistic plots just saturated me very early. It all went downhill with Civil War, where all problems with character writing, story development and story arch were exaggerated. Civil War in a sense, was the beginning of an era for the MCU, at least for me. After Civil War the MCU wasn’t able to get better, it only got worse. GotG became the space clowns, Thor became the god clown, Hulk became the scientist clown, Deadpool, well he is a clown so no surprises there. The MCU became shallow, easy to swallow, forgettable to the point of insult where villains are only another plot twist and heroes throw one liners in order to maintain the mood. People were used to leaving the cinema not talking about the movie and how good it was, but questioning what the next Marvel movie would be like, waiting for the next installment just because it is Marvel. The “it was not great, nor it was bad” review came up more often than not in casual conversations.
    And the comes Captain Marvel with not only bad storytelling or zero character development but also a clear and in-your-face SJW agenda. I live in a Spanish speaking country, and over here the movie is called “Capitana Marvel”. Officially the name Capitana does not exists, since the actual correct word “capitan” is used for both genders. Only SWJ use the “female” version to justify their agenda and call the Spanish language a product of the patriarchy. Terrible way to promote a film.
    Captain Marvel is more of the same formula used since Age of Ultron, only worse. At least in Age of Ultron they tried to give a bit more depth to the characters. CM does not even bother with that. They throw Carol Danvers at the audience, based on the premise that we all already know who she is and what she’ll become. No need to develop her life on earth, her relationship with her best friend, or even her relationship with Mar-Vell. We get clips and photos to fill those gaps. Many have said CM is a bland character, well she really is, since everything meaningful about that character is explained in one liners and a “dossier of pictures” of her past life. Nothing relatable, nothing meaningful. In the end she’s powerful, and that’s all you need to know about her.
    Carol Danvers is a freight train inside a paper castle. There’s absolutely nothing anyone can do to stop her. Well the Kree were able to put a limiting chip on her, but hey she’s so powerful that she removes it while communicating mentally with something called “the supreme intelligence”. It was that easy. But hey, the reason she’s an unstoppable force is because every single man she met put her down and didn’t want her to be “the best a woman can be”. Even her father. What a dick.
    All of the characters in the movie are there to justify things that happen to Danvers, they don’t have a life, nor they have any significance in the grand scheme of things. It’s only Danvers who matters. Sad really, no one will remebrer that Mr. Honsou was one of the Kree “elite soldiers”. Accessories for Danvers to hate, dislike and kick around like rag dolls to prove a point. Her best friend is a plot device so the audience can say “oh she had a life before the crash, and it was good”. The child is just the cuteness deliverer. What to do, help a stranger help some aliens, or keep my child safe? Let the child decide, is cooler than stay behind and look like an oppressed female.
    There’s also the appearance of the GotG 1 villain. I don’t remember his name, because frankly it has less weight in the MCU than a pack of bagged air. Why does he appear, no one knows. My guess is for nostalgia, and “continuity”. This movie after all is part of the MCU. But his appearance only sinks in what a lame character he really is. Thank you Marvel for closing that gap.
    The movie is a collection of scenes where Carol Danvers gets more powerful, that’s it. There is no room for anything else. No drama, no conflict, no depth. Just a canned product so audiences can consume and praise for being just another Marvel Film.
    Finally, Nick Fury has been added to the Clown initiative, another great character ruined because of this SWJ agenda. Thank god Fury died in IW. Also, the special effects are just average, specially agent Coulson’s rejuvenation. That looks worse than Supes’ mustache removal.
    If you liked this movie, because of the nostalgia Blockbuster and Radio Shack scene, the 90’s music, the NIN shirt, the end credits scenes, Stan Lee’s tribute or cameo, or the cat, then I must tell you: those things do not make a good movie.
    Captain Marvel is another forgettable movie in this franchise. It will be remembered only for its political and social agenda; oh and for Ms. Larson’s terrible performance.

  6. Captain Marvel is a mediocre popcorn movie. For everything good it does it does something equally bad. The whole movie is one step forward, one step back. To top that off, the people who wrote and directed this movie have very clearly NEVER seen any of the previous MCU movies that included Nick Fury. He is one of the better things in this movie but the Nick Fury in Captain Marvel is not the same Nick Fury in every other MCU film. He’s just not. There is zero indication of how the character in this movie could have become the character in all of those movies. None. Not only that, but the way they have him lose his eye actually completely ruins once fantastic scenes in other MCU films with him.

    I actually wrote a much more thorough, detailed review but Rotten Tomatoes ate it. I think they’re just actively turning away half the reviews whose star rating doesn’t count as fresh (I gave it 3 out of 5 stars).

  7. Captain Marvel rides Endgame anticipation to box office success while Brie Larson stumbles along the way. I found it’s underlying theme to be hollow and passe and the most exciting aspect of the movie experience was the extra butter on my popcorn. It will make money bc fans love the MCU but the that will be interpreted to double down on and push SJW garbage on an addicted fan base.

  8. Spoilers of I don’t give a flying fuck of a crap, to write in a paragraph to say it is so! Just like, Craptin Marvel Truly IS!
    WHERE do I even Fucking start… two hrs of boredom fest of stupidity, to the point of nearly having an aneurysm!! MarVell, had a sex change, the look a likes of actually comparing her to HILLARY CLINTON, I Kid You NOT!
    I, can’t tell if it’s a mother daughter or a cougar lesbian potential relationship with Carol Danvers, also known as Tree Larson.. yes, her acting and performance, is literally a wooden stump of retarded emotions!!.
    The Scolls (namekians who are actually refugees with a female species) turn out to be the good guys, the Cree (weak Ass versions of Saiyans from broly movie) turn out to be the bad guys, because they are protecting their BORDERS from the scrolls who are once again.. Namekian Refugees!!
    The cat, who turns out to be a fleukin alien, Literally has tentacles spit out of its mouth that not only eats others, but LITERALLY swallows the tesarek.. Oh ho ho that’s not the best part.. Randomly NICK FURY, loses his eye by being scratched by this PIECE of fk ass SHIT!! Yeah, that’s what he meant in Captain America or sequel, talking to him about trusting someone wrong!!
    Oh.. Speaking of The True CAP, America.. Apparently, he is No LONGER, The First Avenger or inspired to have the name from… A Fucking Plane flown by Tree Larson, has the name.. The Avenger@!!×!!
    Then out of random, Not only has fury kept the fk ass cat, that caused the loss of his eye.. But this PIECE OF SHIT, LITERALLY named goose, after Fucking top gun, instead of Chewie.. spits out the tesarek like a Fucking goddamn hairball!!
    Other post credit has Tree Larson, show up behind Natasha, The True CAP etc.. once the beeper stops working!!
    Anything good at all.. Stan Lee, Tribute in the marvel theme opening and He appears on the same train that Bitchy Brie, punches an old lady square in the face, for it is a scroll instead…
    THAT’S IT, still a spit in the face to the Great Old Man’s Legacy….
    OH YES, The Femanazi was STRONG in this one…trippy flashbacks that show a STRONG sexual agenda, against men portrayed to put the ‘little girl down…
    Over and OVER!!..
    I’M JUST A GIRL, song playing in the final excuse of a fight scene… only to not make Ronin, from Guardians of the Galaxy, run away like a bitch, but for Jude Law, who turns out to be a Cree of a bad guy, to be blasted away from Tree Larson, because she didn’t want to put up her dukes saying that “she doesn’t need to prove anything to him!”
    FUCK.. Literally writing this to the point of my phone almost dying.. Thank GOD , We not only didn’t pay for this atrocity, but watched ALITA, straight after!!
    The Credits, the music corny as FUCK, to the point that I will probably and most likely have DRAGON BALL POLLUTION NIGHTMARES AGAIN, after ten years… Oh The Irony!!!
    God save our young people’s souls, to the point that the only way that I Will EVER show my potential daughter this, is to provide an example of who not to be or aspire to!!
    Nick FURY, was SHITTED all over that we didn’t even recognize his epicness in this… The WAY he lost his eye, was worse than MACE WINDU, losing his hand in Revenge of the Sith, for at least that had significants in Anakin making his choice of the dark side!!
    Just… FUCK it ALL
    I, Really FEAR for End Game now… Lest the bitch is SEVERELY humbled in challenging Thanos…!!!
    The TRUE CAP, and Black Widow, deserve to take him out, even if it’s at the cost of his life!! At least this would hopefully merit to a REAL Female STRONG Lead, Like Black Widow MOVIE.. in which this should have BEEN!
    WELL, that’s it from yours truly as my phone is less than 3% NOW……..
    THE PRINCE IS OUT@!!!!!!

  9. I found the movie to be very fun, which is all I really ask from my superhero/comic book movies. Rating it Odin style, I would give it a B. I just really don’t have much to say that hasn’t been said already. Everyone I’ve talked to enjoyed it, so I feel like there has been a bit of echo chamber hate toward the movie because of Brie’s bubble headed statements. If I let an actor’s stupid statements stop me from going to the movies, I would never see a movie again.

  10. Sigh just like previous propaganda outings it breaks continuity on several plot points set up in the MCU, destroys legacy characters and has 2 warring galactic races fight over FTL which they clearly possess._.._.._the whole plot is nonsense.

    Brie will end the she has ended any love i held for the franchise enjoy Khamala Khan Squirrel girl and peods in space 3 as Disney has ruined it a 600mil+ take the general audience has no sense until they wake up expect us to slouch towards Bethlehem.

  11. Saw it and being of an age that I actually read Captain Marvel (mar-vel…Lawson ) I was not impressed with the changing of even Mar-Vel into a woman nor of her acting the part (small as it is ) I saw colorful lights that we see in just about any movie with laser or light-based powers. SLJ was up to par as he always is in good or bad movies. Forget is name ”the main Skrull ” was the show stealer. Yes, the cat was cute and interesting but how he even has the cube is weird. Monica Rambeau the second CM was better as a little girl then a flight pilot and I saw no real friendship between her a CM. (also very bad wig ) For CM herself, i still feel after seeing the movie that she looks totally not in the shape we would see a SH in. Actually looked asexual in her suit but bravo if that was the intent of the movie if not OUCH . Brie was to be fair, not a leading character style of an actress in this, unlike lets, say WW or Alita and most action based, heroes. She did not really play well in an ensemble. So, i think that Stan Lee and Kirby most not be pleased their inventions were played with to this point. I give it 3 simply for the second half and the fact it made me think of what could have been, but it was not a total bore like I taught it would was going to be t

  12. I have watched it yesterday, i gave it 3 stars.
    The story could have been better yet i myself am not so involved with Captain or Miss Marvel that i would actually know a lot of her, so from the internet i know some other Captain and Miss Marvels and i have to say that it was a bit strange that Mar-Vell and Monica Rambeu who was Captain Marvel and Miss Marvel before Carol Denvers shows up as well but just as side notes, while Mar-Vell is gender swapped, but they didnt show the true powers of neither Mar-Vell or Monica as she was Miss Marvel long before Carol. Yet i was trying to see it just from the entertainment view .
    So the Kree fighting the Skrulls the Skrulls looking for a new Planet and are peaceful?
    Ok thats not the Kree or Skrulls i know from the comics or animated series, but well lets just also forget about that just for the sake of the movie.
    Very dark in the beginning, then it lightens a bit up and i am not talking about the story just about the screenplay, so Captain Marvel or Vers as she is reffered to from the Kree that trying to train her has some struggles there because she cant use her powers the right way yet and we also see her struggle while she is still Human as a child and at the Academy while she is going through, well, Pilot training while climbing ropes. Everyone telling her in that scenes that she is a weak female and she herself stays weak while trying to show false strength. Yes she is getting up everytime she falls ur get put down but instead of getting stronger she just seems to get more arrogant.
    Then there are lots of sentences that repeats through out the movie and guess what they are actually all first used in Star Wars.
    But despite the parts where Carol Denvers is trying to shine it is the rest of the Crew who really show off, while Carol mostly shows no emotion at all and reminds us more on a Vulcanian with constipation Samuel L Jackson, Jude Law and Lashana Lynch as well as the daughter where i actually do not know who played her, brought in the heart of the movie.
    That is why i have to give it at least 3 stars everything less would be undermining the efforts the rest of the Crew has done to make it still a watchable movie.
    So i should say that i did not support the movie, i watched it during a Skype life stream while one of my friends saw it and i wouldnt watch it again because for that it wasnt entertaining enough, i might watch it again while it is in free TV and i play video games while having the movie running on the TV screen, but even if there is stuff i did have missed it wouldnt be enought o make me want to watch it active again.
    Wonder-Woman was great and Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse was amazing showing the loss of beloved ppl making ppl become heroes and a message that everyone can be a hero, while the message of Captain Marvel more seems to be u can do everything on ur own and do not need no one else in ur life, which sounds really boring and lonely.

    Best Regards
    Maahr Krell

  13. I was not going to see this movie, but my sister bought me a ticket. The first 2/3 of this movie are quite good. The final third is an absolute mess. It feels like they were in a hurry to end the film, and there is no emotion at all to what is happening. I hate films that start good but end poorly and leave you with a sour taste. The end is the most important thing to be good. The lack of experience of the directors with large movies is painfully obvious. Brie Larson is pretty good most of the time (a big surprise to me), but I think she could be much better with the Russos directing. Sam Jackson, Ben Mendolsohn, and especially Jude Law, are fantastic in their roles and deserved a better film. The cgi at times can be pretty bad, which is bizarre considering the resources Marvel has. There are also continuity errors that I can’t believe they missed. If you’re looking for an inspiring hero anyone can look up to, watch Alita: Battle Angel instead.
    Because I actually like Larson for the most part, I am much less worried about Endgame than I was.

  14. Movie felt rushed, poor writing, and it just felt like a cash grab by Disney. The whole movie was just completely artificial.

    Plot hole list I was able to compile:

    1) How does Mar-Vell pass the military medical exam and hide her Kree identity? Carol was able to identify her blue blood after a single bruise after their crash. How did she convince the army, that she should join their team?

    2) Why would the US government allow some random scientist to take the Tesseract out of the security of the secret Black Site, and how they were OK with loosing the Tesseract for 6 years? Shield knows by this point that the Tesseract is very very important. Arnim Zola even works with them, and divulges its importance. Not only that, Howard Stark who fished it out knows how important it is. Know all that, why would they let Mar-Vel take it out?

    3) Why don’t the Kree attack again to retrieve the Tesseract? They have the jump points technology. So, potentially, they could portal in undetected and conquer Earth before Fury could even page Captain Marvel. Based on the mid credits scene, it took CM a couple of days to make it. So, the Kree had more than enough time to do what ever they wanted.

    4) Where was Heimdal, Odin, Thor and the Asgardians when the Kree sent their Armada? They are suppose to protect Midgard and keep it safe from invasion. That was their shtick in Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor 1. During the Chitari invasion, only Thor could make it because the Bifrost was broken. So, It makes sense why Odin and the Asgardian army didn’t show up to fight. The Bifrost was still up during ’95. So what is the deal?

    5) Why would the Kree allow Carol to join their military ranks and give her that much autonomy, if she could at any time just yank out the inhibitor and free herself upon recollection of her memories? Are they stupid?
    5.b) To add to this, Agents of Shield had a whole episode in season 5 dedicated to a Kree inhibitor implanted into Daisy. They made it a big deal of how if you yank it out, you die, because it was intertwined with the person’s brain stem. So, they have to take it out with careful brain surgery. And, it’s not like CM has a crazy healing factor like Wolverine so she can instantly heal her brain stem. We know she doesn’t have a strong healing factor, because she still had that broken lip for that whole fight. It is just lazy writing. Only caveat I want to specify is that the Kree inhibitor from Agents of Shield is from 2091. But, these Kree from the past seemed technologically advanced enough to develop a brain chip linked to the person’s brain. So, that isn’t an excuse. And you can’t even say, she fried the chip with her magic hands, because she just yanks it out at the end. Which should have killed her.

    6) Fury seems out of character in this movie. He wasn’t pissed at the Cat for costing his eye. Also, He just randomly trusts an alien girl with magic hands? If he recognizes her from being an old flight pilot, then sure, but that’s not how this movie approaches their relationship. This isn’t even to mention how this movie retcons the Winter Soldier [story about Fury’s eye] and The Avengers [where Fury says Loki and Thor were the first alien invaders he encountered forcing them to develop Tesseract weapons, even though we know that he encountered these alien Invaders here in ’95].

    7) I have no clue how her powers work in the movie. Here is my understanding of how the comics and the cartoons did it, and how this movie does it: In the comics and the cartoons, Mar-Vell has energy powers and he got them through Kree experimentation as he was a science officer. So, during the Psyche-Magnetron explosion, Mar-Vell’s powers and a bit of his consciousness is transferred into Carol. Also, she can’t just generate absurd amount of energy out of no where. She needs to absorb energy blasts, and once she absorbs enough energy, she goes Binary. That is the origin and explanation of her powers. But, in the movies, since, Mar-Vell doesn’t have any powers, how Carol gets her powers? So, the Space stone [it wasn’t even the space stone it self, it was an engine powered by the space stone] just grants Carol permanent god level powers to conjure unlimited energy out of no where? That’s stupid and doesn’t make any sense that the space stone can grant permanent powers like that. Hope they destroy the infinity stones in Endgame and as a result, Carol looses her powers or gets massively nerfed. Also, let me use the Maximoff twins as an example, the mind stone doesn’t grant them their powers, it just merely activates the latent mutant powers they already had. That’s why it is consistent, has internal logic and it makes sense. So, how Carol get her powers and how do they work? What is her ‘power source’? Did Carol have latent abilities like Scarlet Witch [that’s how she got the powers?], or did the Tesseract just make her Superman permanently? There is no internal logic to this movie.

  15. so it from free stream 2/10 (1 star) i almost fell a sleep few times, without few bit funny moments i would have
    this is also my take on it, no trashing, but honesty in this videos Cap Marvel reviews, first one is mcu fan, don’t know about others, timcast isn’t hes neutral, but also sees a lot of flaws
    Captain Marvel: White SJWs Destroyed Monica Rambeau’s Legacy

    i agree with this reviews mostly

  16. I’m not going to see it because of a few reasons but mainly because I could care less about Captain Marvel. I’ve been reading Marvel comics for many years, since the 70’s to be exact, but stopped reading them for several years now because of all of the changes that they have made. They are a shell of what they used to be, in my opinion. Captain Marvel comics never interested me. My favorites are Spiderman, Doctor Strange, and X-Men. I have enjoyed some of the MCU movies but unfortunately, those years may be going away. I love some of the strong female characters that have been created through the years but they were good because they were good characters and didn’t rely on identity politics to succeed. I don’t want politics shoved down my throat when I go to see a comic book movie. I go to be entertained. Also, one last thing, I can’t stand when major changes are done to the movies just to appease certain groups of people. Didn’t Fury lose sight in his eye when shrapnel got into it during WWII in the comics, instead of a frigging cat scratching it lol? Didn’t the Avengers get their name from Captain America, being given “founding member” status back in the 60’s instead of Captain Marvel having the name on the side of her jet? Lmao. The name, Avenger, wasn’t even on her jet in the comics lmao. Pathetic retconning. Thanks Disney/Marvel for ruining my comics and movies. So very sad.

  17. Where should I start?
    Is Captain Marvel awful? No
    Is Captain Marvel the “Last Jedi” of the MCU? No
    Is Captain Marvel great and worth watching? No
    Leaving aside the entire political SJW Fallout, which has accompanied the movie for months, remains a boring action movie with unspectecular CGI, filled with flat dialogues and a bunch of feminism. The audience follows an overpowered Mary Sue on her journey to completely destroy the Marvel Universe and possibly the MCU, and in my opinion, the movie easily manages to open up the real Marvel fans and I can understand it well when people are pissed off.
    Attentive audiences will realize within the first five minutes who the “bad guys” are and the alleged “bad guys” become politically correct refugees and thus the “good guys” during the plot.
    Fury is demoted to a boring sidekick, and the story of how he loses his eye destroys the entire myth surrounding that character. Badass Fury became Lameass Fury in the name of feminism.
    Also by Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel gender is changed gender to make him a female Kree scientist. It almost seems like all good characters should be power women, which was hard to do at Fury.
    The so-hyped 90s setting of the film is a bad joke that is summarized, told in three minutes and where you already know the punchline. Oh, and since when did you get white NIN Girly shirts in the 90s?
    The only funny scene in the film is Goose, whose species, as far as I know, does not even exist in the Marvel Universe, which leaves the question of why the cat ever appears in the film, except to create an “animal” sidekick with everyone again says: “Oh, he is cute!”
    All in all, the movie is a debacle that you do not have to look a second time and there is no spoiler on Endgame either way. It remains to be seen what influence Captain Marvel will take as a character on the plot of Endgame, but I fear meanwhile bad.
    At the beginning, I asked if Captain Marvel was the “Last Jedi” of the MCU and denied the question. I stay with it. If my fears for Endgame and the role of Captain Marvel in the upcoming MCU movie prove true, Endgame could very well become the “Last Jedi” of the MCU, resulting in the Disney within 18 months of its second market leading IP on the SJW mania would lose. Maybe Bob Iger will finally wake up and start rolling Disney heads.

    Finally, a positive thing. Adding a homage to Stan Lee in the intro sequence of Marvel lettering was a really nice idea!

    1. i,m going to be honest, i honestly believe that Captain Marvel may very turn out to be The Last Jedi of the MCU, dividing fans to the point where Endgame may not make the same money as Infinity War. i hope i,m wrong because i,m really looking forward to it and want it to do well. as for what happens after Endgame, i,m fearful

      1. I hope you are wrong. As far as I know, there was not public attack on the fans by Marvel, the producer or the director. The closest we got was the guy who plays agent Colton (Colson?) who said some stupid stuff with a total lack of understand about what was going on. While Captain Marvel is not a good movie, it is not one that breaks the storyline completely and kills any possible follow up movies like TLJ did. I am sure Endgame will be a typically good Marvel film and everything will be back to normal. If Marvel persist in pushing Brie Larson as the head of the Marvel universe, then yes, it will not fare well for them. But we will have to see what they do after Endgame.

  18. I am not going to see this movie. Even when it comes out on Netflix, I’m not even going to bother. I’m a huge MCU fan, I grew up on all of the animated Marvel shows, especially the 90s shows, I collect comics, I really get into the fandom, but no to this movie. When my brother and I went to see Infinity War, we had to google to find out what the symbol was. We were like okay, fine, whatever. The first trailer dropped and my reaction was “it looks….okay???” which is not what I expected from an MCU movie. Then a few weeks ago, I saw another trailer and I was like “oh yeah, that movie, that’s a thing.” I totally forgot it was coming. Not something you want from an MCU movie. So I decided to find some news on it….and I found Brie Larson. And then I found out more things on YouTube because my YouTube dash started suggesting vids based off of my history and I found out more. Brie Larson is not a feminist. I don’t want to disparage her too much, but as a woman and a feminist, I find her insulting. I don’t want to support her at all. But I decided to wait, and I looked at all the reviews, and I watched the YouTube Spoiler reviews…this is not an MCU movie. In fact, it seems like this in Fan4stic. The MCU deserves better than a mediocre movie with a sub-par lead, sub-par writing, and sup-par direction. I hope that the Marvel and Disney execs change course, because this woman, her politics, her comments, are infuriating. Again, I am a woman, I believe in equality for everyone, I love Wonder Woman, my favorite show of all time is Charmed (the OG not that CW pandering crap), and I love female characters. This is just a mess. So I hope the MCU will continue to succeed, but I hope Larson is not a part of that future.

  19. Most of the time (like 99.9%) I put reviews after I watched a movie, but with this case, it’s different. I can’t watch this movie after Brie’s racism/sexism towards white men. I don’t take racism/sexism lightly on any gender or race 😠……… I’ve been discriminated by SJWs/NPCs of my disability of Autism, the last thing I need is some bi%$& of that same category discriminating my white skin…… I can’t recommend this film at all and I have read the spoilers from different sources. And trust me guys, it’s not a good movie. 99% of that movie is SJW/NPC propaganda. Thanks Odin, for releasing a site where people can leave opinions without censorship.

  20. This whole blog was made by someone with a negative attitude towards the movie and people who have similar attitudes to the creator. Don’t you think right off the bat that creates a biased review blog? Just being logical about the situation. I thought the movie was excellent!

    1. its only biased if he only allows the views and comments of people like himself. he doesn,t prevent anyone from voting or commenting. this is simply a place where people can come to vote and comment without being censored

    2. The fact that you were able to leave a comment and review proves my point. Other than my video review I have nothing attempting to silence anyone or sway anyone one way or the other

  21. I thought it was pretty good actually! 🙂 Not their best movie but still enjoyable. The Stan Lee Tribute was so touching. I really liked the twist that the Skrulls weren’t bad guys. The scene where Ben sees his family again was sweet. Nick and Coulson were great, though it is weird that the effect on Coulson was awful compared to Nick, even though Nicks is probably much harder. XD Anyway, Brie was good enough, more layed back then most MCU heroes but not boring either. The action was a little wonky in the beginning but got much better later on. The humor didn’t actually bother me unlike other MCU movies. Also the feminism isn’t so bad, I don’t get why people make such a huge deal about it, there were just two lines that made my eye role a little but that was it. The CW shows are way more in your face then this. The only things I didn’t like were how Nick lost and eye. And I don’t know how I feel yet about Avenger being named after her, but those are just nitpicks. I’ll say this though, after that post credit scene I thought “I’M NOT READY!!!” Bring on Endgame! But just have her help the avengers, don’t make her defeat Thanos, ok Marvel? Ok. 7/10 I’d watch it again (Unlike Antman and the Wasp).

  22. This movie was not good. Touching tribute to Stan Lee, interesting 20 minutes first off. Then, came the feminist tropes. I am literally shaking with rage after this movie. 10 years, and 20+ movies, movies I will gladly watch repeatedly. This movie, NOPE. Nick Fury losing his eye to a cat, MOTHER FLURKEN! The Skrulls being good guys, and immigrants. Did they honestly not think people would not see the allegory of this? Donald Trump is the Kree Empire and the Skrulls are the Illegals. Anette Benning being Mar-Vell is an INSULT to Stan Lee. Everything I have heard that is negative about this movie is true. Plus certain things that were established already make no sense. How did the Tesseract not burn through the lunch box, or Fury’s desk? How is it that Ben Mendleson’s character was more likable than Larson’s. I just cant in good conscience give this movie anything higher than a 1 star rating.

  23. A stand out performance from Brie Larson’s butt double. The under-credited actress’s body of work filled out her character and nicely rounded out the flat as a board performance of the titular character. If they allowed this well rounded actress to say at least some of Brie’s lines, there could have been hope for some personality on Carol Danvers. Alas, they let Brie run her mouth, and like always, the result was and off mix of cringe, disgust, and somnolence of anyone in earshot.

    The social justice in the movie was also lacking. While there were more than enough scenes to cause any self respecting white male to reach for the barf bag, the real problem was the wage gap and recognition between Brie Larson, and whoever it was that made her occasionally like something other than a plank wearing spandex. The wage gap between this butt double actress and the main character is disgusting ($125 vs $5,000,000), and recognition for her character arcs was buried so deep within the credits, I still don’t know her name (or phone number). For this lack of social justice the studio deserves heavy criticism until reparations have been made and things set right!

    Do yourselves all a favor and go see an actual good movie like Alita Battle Angel instead of this dumpster fire.

  24. Ok, let me say that once about a time I liked Super-girl on whatever channel that is on now. The show had promise, then it started getting real woke…..Super-woke! From planet Woketon! The Last straw for me was in an episode where some aliens were painted as refugees and something about them getting them either on or off a spaceship to safety or something like that. It was an obvious dig at Trump and the immigration debate. This agenda driven storytelling is taking over just plain old good storytelling. So I said, that’s it!!! I’m done watching Super-girl….
    It was the final straw for me because the show became very heavy handed. Captain Marvel:Origins was the Super-girl episode! I am surprised I haven’t seen anyone make mention of this. Well at least I haven’t heard anyone mention it, so far. So here are the messages this movie spouts, White men are bad! Trump is Bad! Republicans are Bad! WOMAN POWER! This movie was PREDICTABLE! I shake my head in disgust…..X 7

  25. I was going to see it, until it became so political. And making her more powerful than Thor as he is now… was the first sign. Too many people have said the same things. Even people who want to love it only seem to like it. Nit to mention Rotten Tomatoes. I’ll pass this time.

  26. It is difficult to judge a movie not on its merits but on the behavior of the actor or actress who stars in the movie, but I am forced to say that because of Brie Larson’s big mouth and snotty attitude, I will NOT be seeing this movie in the theater, and after reading all the reviews on line, I will probably not be buying it on Blu-Ray until it shows up in the bargain bit. This is only the third time this has happened to me in my life. The first was the movie “The Green Berets” which I refuse to watch after John Wayne started spouting off on how anybody who didn’t support the war in Vietnam was Unamerican. Several of my relatives fought in Vietnam, and several friends, and after seeing what this did to them, I hated his attitude and for many years refused to watch John Wayne movies (yes, I AM that old). The second time was the movie “Capricorn One” and my favorite actor in that movie was O. J. Simpson. But after he played the race card at his trial after decades of enjoying the adulation of fans of every race and gender, I destroyed my VCR copy of that movie and broke the laserdisc, and will never watch the movie again. And now I add Captain Marvel to this short list. How long is it going to take Disney/Marvel/Lucasfilm to realize that allowing your employees to insult the fan base, and then serving up substandard garbage and SJW agendas instead of a good plot or storyline is not a good way to make money? The fact that Disney did nothing to silence Rian Johnson, Brie Larson and others only leads me to believe that they agree with what these idiots are saying.

  27. After 21 Jump Street, I liked Brie Larson. She was very good in Room, even though I think there were better performances by lead actress that year. She’s entitled to her own beliefs and politics, even though some of it is just baffling guilty liberal self-hated.

    However, I have no interest in this film because I’ve got, as James Cameron predicted last year, superhero fatigue. There is no artistry in MCU films; they are products created on an assembly line for the consumption of people who just want to know what they’re getting. They don’t take risks, none of the characters are ever in any real danger, and they rely too much on comedy. They over-rely on CGI to the point I feel my eyes are being assaulted in a bad way. And then there’s the music: loud, intrusive…and mostly forgettable.

    Then there’s the fact everything’s become a competition with these films. Avengers (2012) was about characters using individual strengths to contribute to the team and be a part of the solution. Now, it’s all “Shuri is smarter than Banner, so suck on that” or “Captain Marvel is the most powerful avenger”. It goes completely against the spirit of unity that used to be a large part of the appeal for me.

    However, all the people criticising Brie Larson’s physical appearance are not doing themselves any favours. Just cos a few Marvel fans boasted that Scarlett Johansson had a more “shapely butt” than Anne Hathaway, back in 2012, when it was Avengers vs. Dark Knight Rises, doesn’t mean you have to lower yourselves to their level. Once you resort to criticising a person’s appearance, you’ve lost the argument.

    Also, I generally hate Disney. They have too much power and they’re not using it as a force for good, they’re using it to censor free speech, stifle creativity and torpedo non-brand name films so their own, let’s face it, mediocre movies can dominate the conversation.

  28. [SPOILERS]

    Personal opinion: it’s the “twists,” not the controversy. I wrestled back and forth for a while on this one. See because it’s Marvel? Avoid it for the Rotten Tomatoes censorship? See it because people were saying it wasn’t that bad? Avoid it because of the awful twists (a word that really belongs in quotes here; they’re reaching Shyamalan levels here)? In the end, I saw it entirely because I was reminded of All Hail the King. At the end of the day, Feige and company went way, WAY out of their way to please fans at one point after the single worst twist in comic book movie history. They didn’t have to do that. So, I paid out money I really didn’t have to sit through a movie I really wasn’t sure I wanted to see.

    First, I’ll talk about the positive. And the bottom line is that it isn’t what we were afraid it was going to be. The feminist messaging isn’t particularly offensive to any rationally-thinking adult male, even the conservative, self-proclaimed alpha males the left seriously wants to believe are driving the distaste in this film. It’s just not that bad, and mostly kept to subtext (tee hee…see what we did there? When Carol’s captured at the beginning of the movie, her captors make her barefoot…tee hee!) that most people won’t even notice. Carol is not the Mary Sue people are trying to say she is. Admittedly, she does exist right on that line, but the character has been trained from the outset to be this unflinching warrior woman. The training itself already mitigates a lot of the Mary Sue claims, but we also see–mainly in flashbacks–of all the times she’s fallen and been told she’d never amount to anything. If Carol Danvers was a Mary Sue, we’d never have been shown those scenes. The end message put on display here is that when you fall, get your ass back up and try again. Show them what you’re made of. While I’m sure this will resonate greatly with girls like Carol who might have had to endure being told they’re nothing, they’ll never succeed, and that they don’t belong, it’s a message that works for everyone.

    Certainly, a few of the actors deserve special mention. Samuel Jackson is always worth watching, even at his worst. I’m not sure I wanted to see him as a younger, less-threatening, more-quippy agent, but he’s fun to watch in this film, regardless. Ben Mendelsohn is emerging as one of the most likable and enjoyable character actors in Hollywood, and it never ceases to amaze me how well he can cover up his native Australian accent with an American lisp. For me, he’s right up there with Denis Quaid, Stanley Tucci, and Paul Giamatti as actors for whom I’ll see anything with them in it at least once. Jude Law’s approaches Yon-Rogg and his motivations with credibility even if the character falls more into the frame of Marvel’s older, more forgettable villains. However, he has real chemistry with Brie Larson, as does Akira Akbar’s 11-year-old Monica Rambeau. Incidentally, making that character an 11-year-old in the film’s 1995 timeline is clearly so that they can use her as an adult in the present timeline, so I’m genuinely hoping that they explore her version of Captain Marvel in the future, although since her mom’s test pilot nickname in this film is “Photon,” I expect that she’ll wind up using that moniker. Stan Lee has one of his final cameos in the film, and this will probably go down as one of my favorites. He may well be playing himself here, as Carol encounters him on an elevated train reading the script for Mallrats.

    Now, the negative…and there’s a lot of negative. By far, the single worst aspect of this film, to me, is the so-called twists. Any single one of them is already bad enough to bring the entire ship down 40% of an overall perfect score, but they just. keep. coming. Goose the Cat isn’t quite the deus-ex-machina he was made out to be (they did set up that he wasn’t a normal cat), but they didn’t quite build up what he IS capable of doing, either, as that would’ve killed the joke when it mattered. I’ll give them a pass on it.

    But that’s the last nice thing you’ll hear me give the twists in this film. First up, the revelation that Goose is responsible for the loss of Nick Fury’s eye may actually beat out the Mandarin twist from Iron Man 3 as my absolute least-favorite thing the MCU has done to date. It isn’t just dumb in the moment, it has farther-reaching effects than just Captain Marvel. Try watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier–a film that routinely makes peoples’ #1 spot for favorite MCU film–again; see how seriously you can take it now knowing that this is why Fury lost his eye. (Dear 2019 Hollywood: “lighthearted” and “camp” are not the same thing; not everything needs to have the piss taken out of it. Please stop.) They set this twist up throughout the movie, and anyone with a brain knows what’s coming before it happens. They even offered themselves an out, with Fury being in denial that anything’s wrong with his eye and that it will get better…until Coulson shows up in the final scene to offer Fury a selection of glass eyes to set the whole thing in stone. You’d think they’d have learned with the reaction to Iron Man 3, that maybe some protection of these sorts of things might be in place over at Marvel Studios, but clearly not.

    Second, the casual viewer probably won’t care that the Skrulls are revealed to be the good guys in the Kree-Skrull conflict. If you have no basis of comic book history from which to draw, or expectation about what the future of the MCU might hold with the expected arrival of the Fantastic Four, then the Skrull twist probably wouldn’t affect them at all. However, to comic book fans, the Skrulls are probably the most easily-recognizable villainous race from the comics, the kind of entity that fans hope to see portrayed on the screen. And maybe there’s something to be said for making the Skrulls as a race more three-dimensional than that. But there’s a discussion between Carol and Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos toward the end of the film that makes it clear what the writers of this film were really doing with this whole angle. Carol asserts that the Skrulls are nothing but terrorists. Talos insists that they are just refugees that just want a home, that they’ve been entirely misunderstood. In other words, just in case this ham-fisted dialogue somehow doesn’t make a dent in someone’s brain, they’re Muslims. As such, this does open up the possibility for the existence of a rogue sect hellbent on the destruction of their enemies at all costs…if Marvel and Disney are brave enough to broach the subject now. In the end, this is probably the least-offensive twist in the film, and much like I always said that my opinion of Star Wars: The Force Awakens would be set by how later films in its franchise handle answering the questions the film posed, my opinion on this twist will remain lukewarm until I see how well it’s handled from here. Hopefully, Marvel won’t pull a Last Jedi and make it mean as much as it could.

    Third, the reveal that Fury took the name for the Avengers Initiative from Carol’s nickname as a test pilot is not only reaching, it’s needless. If this had been the only major reveal of the film, I’d probably be more on board with it, but seeing Carol “The Avenger” Danvers on the side of her plane is just hard to watch. It doesn’t naturally evolve from anything at all. Just when the major mainline films are establishing how the epithet applies to the team, they go and convolute it even farther by applying it to someone who has no reason to have the nickname. It’s not explored. It’s not built. It’s just there. This one falls squarely into the “not everything needs to be explained” disease with which Star Wars has been struggling of late. In fact, it’s right up there with how Han Solo got his name as a contender for “entirely unnecessary reveals that only stand to hurt a franchise more than it could ever stand to help it.”

    Fourth, if there one thing that the MCU films never needed to adopt from the comic books, it’s the senseless and convoluted butchering of series continuity for the sake of a single moment that ultimately raises more questions than it answers. But by involving the Tesseract and trying to explain where Nick Fury came by it, that’s exactly what they’ve done here. In Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve Rogers crashes his plane into the ocean with the Tesseract on board. By the post-credits scene in Thor, Fury has his hands on it, and the implication is that it was found with Cap (otherwise you have the serious question of why the got the Tesseract from the plane crash, but not Cap himself). According to Captain Marvel, in between these events, Mar-Vell has been using it to power her (yes, her) experimental faster-than-light drive. Fury ends up with it at the end because Goose eats the thing shortly after it’s found by Carol and Fury and then coughs it up like a hairball in one of Captain Marvel’s post-credits scenes (because that cat joke is just too funny to pass up just because it screws up every ounce of logic surrounding how the cube was discovered on Earth). Whether S.H.I.E.L.D. found the cube when they found Cap, or Mar-Vell discovered it and just left Cap, it’s now a conundrum that only serves to boggle the mind and to tie Carol to one of the infinity stones.

    There are other issues with the film that don’t quite bother me as much as it might some other people. The reveal that the MCU’s original Mar-Vell was a woman doesn’t really bother me. It’s self-evident that Brie Larson and company didn’t want to tie any part of Carol’s power to needing a man in her life. She’s already being trained by Yon-Rogg (played by white male Jude Law) for physical combat, so it’s understandable that a film designed to empower young women would make moves like this. It’s not a particularly good move. It only serves to cause more friction than it resolves. But it’s also an entirely predictable move, so I was prepared for that one long before it came out that they actually went with that idea.

    Brie Larson herself has all the personality of a wet paper bag in this film, but that’s largely explainable either by her in-story training as an emotionless soldier or by the more meta notion that Carol is an everywoman designed specifically to help empower young girls who can easily see themselves in the character. This approach makes whether Larson herself is a particularly good actress ambiguous, and it’s a good example of how a competent director and writers can cover up an actor’s flaws.

    Annette Bening’s performance always feels like they just stuffed an older actress into a superhero suit and said, “See now, anyone can be a superhero!” Michaelle Pfeiffer’s character in Ant-Man and the Wasp felt the same way, but at least she was able to rise above what she was given to be thoroughly enjoyable to watch. Benning…does not.

    Lashana Lynch’s Maria Lambeau, playing Carol’s best friend here, is about as neutral of a casting choice as I can imagine. I don’t feel she is completely without chemistry with Larson, but it’s doesn’t come across as natural as one might want, either. She didn’t come across as a bad actress by any measure, but there’s nothing to particularly rave about in her performance. More could have been done to set her up as being particularly important to the plot, but there’s nothing really wrong with what they did with her. There’s nothing bad to say, but there’s nothing good to say. She’s as bland as cheese pizza here, but that’s largely due to the script and the way the character is written.

    And that’s indicative of Captain Marvel as a whole. The film hangs on how well the twists and revelations land, and for me as a fan, those were more offensive than any of the more political maneuverings. I’ve never really tried to rate and rank the MCU films, but Iron Man 3 is near the bottom, and Captain Marvel reminds me more often than not of that film; the film plays like they didn’t learn from the mistakes made on IM3. Hopefully, diehard fans will speak up about some of the worst aspects of the film to the degree that Marvel corrects one or two of them All Hail the King-style. Ultimately, this film is more likely to be judged by aspects that don’t pertain to the film itself (i.e., the Rotten Tomatoes censorship and Brie Larson’s questionable statements) than what was actually presented. I totally understand fans who refuse to see the film based on those criteria, but for all the complaining about far-left ideologies, if fans aren’t careful they’ll become an equal and opposite force. We often make it far too easy for the far left to criticize our actions and words. Captain Marvel deserves scorn based on the awful twists, and the industry deserves whatever it gets for the way Rotten Tomatoes and Brie Larson herself have reacted to fans’ vim. But as the far-left SJW feminist terror that so many fans are (duly, in these times) afraid of, Captain Marvel doesn’t really make a blip on the radar.

  29. A movie trailer should make you want to see a movie and so the most interesting short clips of the movie are used. The first time I saw the first trailer I decided not to see this movie. It was terribly miscast with Brie Larson because she looked angry and smug in every single scene. Hard, HARD pass.

    All the controversies aside, the movie is actually quite good. I wouldn’t say she’s a Mary Sue, but the final battle was a bit too quick and too easy for me. She just wiped out the spaceships and blasted Jude Law and that’s it. Captain Marvel IS that OP, but I just want to see her tackle more problems. I would prefer her actually fighting Jude Law in hand-to-hand and see where it goes. Overall, the story was good, loved the young Nick Fury in this movie. Brie Larson wasn’t emotionless like in the trailers. She’s quite a good actress (that is, in terms of performance). 7/10.

  31. I’m a huge MCU fan and when I first heard of this movie I was super excited to see it and how she would fit into the MCU. Fast forward to about a month ago I started to hear all the news surrounding brie Larsons views and the identity politics sewn into the movie, long story short it killed all my hype and I starred to hate this movie just based off the actress and director. Back story aside I just got back from seeing it just based off my love for marvel and I have to say that I was let’s say “underwhelmingly impressed”. By that I mean u can defenitlly see where they tried to force in the identity politics but it’s not at heavy as previously assumed. If they didn’t market her as a her-o and instead like every other MCU movie and brie stayed quiet I believe that I wouldn’t have noticed it as much and I would have liked it more. Now onto specifically brie’s acting I think she was so painfully bland that when she actually smiled or joked it felt very cringy cuz it didn’t fit the personality they built for her, just like in bvs where Batman was very brooding but in JL he was kind of a comic relief and joking all the time, it just didn’t feel right. But I
    Actually loved the supporting cast, for the most part they were very charismatic and funny. So all in all I want to split my rating to give captain marvel herself a 1/10 but the supporting cast a solid 7/10. Thanks if anyone read this

  32. So, pleasantly surprised. I purposely avoided the internet and reviews so I could form my own opinion about Captain Marvel. This movie was good, but not great. And yes, I will see it again with my children. Nothing stood out to me as overly pushy. There were a few moments that if you narrowed your view I could see a complaint, but nothing overt or in your face. A solid 3/5 for me.

  33. (MY RT review that never got posted4th time trying to review). Was hoping for better, but realistically this character deserved more for audiences needing a chance to connect with CM before forcing her into Endgame’s outcome. It never really happened for me. This would have been so much better if she had been introduced 2-3 years ago with a better movie, never heard from again … then when we see the pager at the end of Infinity War this would have built up more anticipation for her “return”.
    The biggest insult to MCU fans and MCU cast members is the ret-cons the movie pulled. Cheap laugh to ruin Fury’s eye loss, and other things i don’t want to spoil. 4/10 , no need to see this before Endgame for those who wished to skip this.

  34. Saw it. An average super hero flick. Nothing special. Nothing like Iron Man 1. Still not as bad as anything from the DCEU.

  35. I will not watch this film. With the price of movies that keep going up, I only go if it’s worth it. I have a few key reviewers I watch that I trust and they never steer me wrong. I will NOT watch a movie where an agenda takes center stage, it always ruins the movie. If I have to stop watching movies altogether until these movie companies get their shit straight, then that’s what I’ll do. At this point, I may not even watch End Game.

  36. To me it seems that from start to finish, it was the sole focus of Disney/Marvel, to check all the woke/feminist boxes with this film and slap some ultrageneric origin story on the rest. As a fan of the MCU, i am apalled how they devalued the last 10 years of movies and how effing crude they retconned Captain Mysandry into this once cool and well thought universe. If this is the route they are planning to go with the MCU from now, i really hope all funture MCU films crash & burn, as Star Wars Solo and TLJ did, after going the same woke-feminist-mysandry route! When will they ever learn – Movies, especially Superhero Movies are for entertainment, and not for transporting one-sided political agendas.

  37. I judge a movie by how many times I am going to shake my head in disgust, and this movie has all the signs of causing me some serious neck pain. Good job on the site Odin and keep it going bro!

  38. To Anonymous March 8, 2019 11:15 pm, the thumbs up thumbs down is at the beginning and is tiny, but it’s there…it’s want to see?

  39. Came here based on your video. I wanted to click that I don’t want to see it but there is not thumbs up or down like your video showed. NO VOICE to vote…

  40. despite all the shit that happened before the movie’s release, i enjoyed the movie so much more than i thought i would. i went in expecting to just be bored and eye-rolling the whole time, but it totally won me over. i’m completely against all the stupid sexist and racist SJW bullshit that Brie Larson said, but my honest opinion of the movie itself is that i really liked it.

  41. Since Rotten Tomatoes won’t seem to let my review get posted, here it is:
    Overall: it was ok. Felt kinda same-old same-old but with new specifics.
    Pros: Brie Larson’s acting wasn’t as bad or emotionless as I thought based off of some reviews. There were some good funny moments. Whatever feminism parts were added didn’t bother me personally. Special effects, per usual, were visually appealing.
    Cons: Some info dumps early on. Nothing too emotionally hard-hitting considering her situation and the plot. Some dialogue was wonky and some humor felt oddly placed. The plot twist seemed to come out of left field, and the ultimate villains’ mindset was never explained (which makes sense because if you humanized them then Captain Marvel probably couldn’t have gone on that rampage and killed a bunch of them at the end). Never felt really connected to her as a character. Didn’t get the sense that she earned what she was given… It just kinda felt like she was doing what needed to be done. Not sure how her actions made her worthy of the title CAPTAIN Marvel.

  42. This is easily the worst MCU, sadly where the rest were watchable this was boring and uninspiring. It never really had it’s super hero landing because it never really took off.

    The Negatives: Brie Larson acting, I know she was supposed to be emotionless and confused but I never found myself feeling sympathy for this character because I never really felt those emotions from her acting. Also the film feels small for a movie that’s supposed to be apart of the cosmic side of the MCU & the film has questionable decisions.

    The positives: The connection between Fury & Goose was cool except the surprise, Ben Mendelsohn, and “Just a girl” rocking for a brief moment during a fight.

    I went into this with very low expectations and it was even worse. I give 1 1/2*

  43. I am on the political and economic left (not the far left) but I am not on the cultural left. I was put off seeing Captain Marvel for two reasons. Firstly, Brie Larson’s misandrist comments about men left a sour taste in my mouth – I abhor prejudice of any kind (I am sick and tired of feminists’ and SJWs’ hate campaigns against my gender) and, secondly, the trailers made this film look ponderous and boring. Super hero movies should be all about rollicking good entertainment – like Alita Battle Angel – and proselytise a political or social agenda. I don’t pay money to sit in the cinema and be told that I am not as good as the opposite sex. I have enjoyed MCU movies in the past but if this is the future, I am not going to waste any more of my cash on overt (or covert) feminism. I have some taste,

  44. I havent seen the movie, but I definitly left the thumbs down, because unlike in rotten tomatoes, you can actually express your will to see a movie or not in here. Besides the numerous failures of the movie’s propaganda and promotion, its a shame that Disney and Rotten Tomatoes are trying so hard to silence any kind of negative criticism towards it.

  45. I just want an enjoyable escape for a few hours. A place to decompress from the normal daily grind. I don’t want or need preached at. I am not paying someone to shovel their agenda down my throat. This is the first Marvel film I will not be seeing.

    Had a few funny moments thanks to the legendary Samuel L Jackson and the CGI to make SLJ’s face younger is amazing but other than that everything was from average to shit. (SPOILERS>)..Final battle was meh, fight choreography was shit. Villains were lame. Jude Law is not threatening or bad ass in any type of way. They changed Walter Lawson from an alpha stud male into a weak old granny (WTF!). Constant lame feminist agenda sprinkled on everything (so corny). Flash backs of her as child and training for the air force and the evil men taunting her and laughing at her but she doesnt give up because she is a strong wamen! (choke!) Fight scene at the end with the “im just a girl” song (choke,corny!) When she is face to face with Jude Law at the end he challengers her to a 1 on 1 fight without using her super powers and she just blasts him (which was actually quite funny) and then she walks up to him and says “i dont have to prove anything to you” (CHOKE!!) Skrull face make up looked fuckin lame, they had no movement or facial expressions at all. They looked like that kid from “Mask” starring Cher. Brie Larson was ok-ish as Carol Danvers but she cant do stunts scenes for shit and her character had no personality, but i dont blame her for that, i blame that on the directors instructing her to play the role like that and the bland script. Nick Fury was a bit off too, its like they dont know what type of character he is, they made him look like a goof ball, instead of a bad ass special agent with nerves of steel. None the less SLJ carried this movie, when he was on screen the movie lifted. People keep going on about how the cat was a show stealer, …umm ok, lol, it was just a cat, it wasnt that special. So apparently Brie Lawson trained for months for this role, what the fuck was she training? Pilates? Lol. She had zero physic what so ever, her body is weak as piss, look at Scarlett Johanssons physic for black widow or Gal Gadots physic for Wonder Woman, they are strong yet feminine and beautiful with respectable sex appeal, Captain Meh-vel is completely void of any type of sex appeal at all because god forbid that a woman can be portrayed as powerful and sexy, oh no thats demeaning to women, there is nothing worse than a beautiful woman, YUK! (end sarcastic voice). They revealed a few things from MCU lore which should have easily been dope moments that pleased the fans but they totally fucked it up, the worst offence being the reason Nick Fury only has 1 eye, get ready …3…2…1…the fucking cat scratches it out by accident…..(crickets chirping) WTF! Fucking trolls! (shaking head disapprovingly). And the reason Nick Fury names them “Avengers” is because Carol Danvers nick name on her fighter jet is Carol Avenger Danvers… Omg so lame. So obvious they are trying to give her clout so the audience will swallow the turd pill when she saves the day in End Game instead of all the other established characters from the MCU. If she is so powerful why wasn’t she ever mentioned once in the past 10 years? Not even once, I’m sure her powers would have come in handy more than a few times during some of the epic world threatening battles the Avengers have been through. Captain Marvel/Ms Marvel isnt even a popular character in the comic books, she has been cancelled several times so why the fuck would they shove her forgettable ass into the MCU at the apex of 10 years of films and character building? Its going to be a big disappointment if Captain Meh-vel is the one to save the day and take down Thanos instead of one of the A+ characters we love and have been following for the past 10 years. Conclusion- watch it on DVD. The only reason you would want to see this is because it connects to End Game but not worth the price of a movie ticket.

  47. I’m not a fan of Brie Larson, I just never thought she was a very good actress, so I wasn’t anticipating this movie with great expectation. After seeing the censorship and controversy surrounding the release, and to what extent Disney has gone to silence their critics and deceive the general public….I will not be spending any money in support of Captain Marvel. People go to the action/ superhero movies for entertainment, not to be constantly bombarded with political ideology & endless virtue signaling. I don’t want feminism shoved down my throat (and I’m a woman), so they can miss me with the “it’s all the men’s fault”. Hard pass!

  48. We need to stop giving Disney any of our money because they’ve gotten too powerful and need to be drained of their ability to corrupt the media.

    We need to stop giving critic shills money by not visiting their websites anymore.

    We need to stop paying money to see anything Brie Larson (and those who side with her sexist, racist ideology) stars in.

    Last but not least, Rotten Tomatoes, you’re about to get replaced by OMB!

    1. Easier said then done. Given how many companies they’ve absorbed over the years, it to tell what’s there.

  49. Do not plan to see this movie anytime soon, or ever, frankly. Digested the hype, read the synopsis, saw all the backlash. Brie’s comments don’t sit well with me, but that’s not all. I could possibly overlook, as all actors have their own sort of opinions (to put it mildly), but the whole promotion cycle for the movie seemed to support very nearly everything she was saying in interviews and speeches. No thanks. I honestly believed, with the MCU, that it was immune to what happened to Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, etc, etc. I mean, they did phenomenal for 10 straight years. I’m very saddened that yet another beloved franchise, of mine and most everyone, has misstepped and gone down this route, especially as it depends so much on continuity, like the others. It seemed bad when our childhoods were ruined. Well, now our future is in jeopardy, too. I only hope there is an ultimate reckoning, a response, to all this craziness, and we’ll have good entertainment again someday. How they can make up for all this? I’m not sure, but it seems it has to be coming eventually

  50. Hopefully you count my review. Have posted it 3 Times on Rotten… nothing happened?

    It was exactly the movie I feared it will be. An emotionless, unreliable main Charakter and a blend, uninsprising story. The deeper political agenda can be felt throughout the movie. The best part in my opinion are Sam L Jackson and Mendelson. They bring humanity and fun in the movie. Unfortunately not enough.

    By the way, this Movie poked more Plot holes in the MCU then any movie before. Why didn’t Fury call her in Avengers? Why did Mar-Vel have the Tesseract? Howard Star found it in Caps 1! Why did Fury say “Last time I trusted a person I lost an eye.”? The list goes on an on..

  51. Average at best, definitely bottom tier Marvel, joins Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 2 as one of the worst.

  52. Flatly refuse to see Captain Marvel and it is all down to the execrable Cheese (Brie) Larson. Permanent boycott in place. I will not support a propaganda piece, only good entertainment. I have what I need from the reviews and I know I don’t need to see this film prior to End Game.

    I have also intentionally delayed seeing End Game now until well after it has been released. I would have been there on opening night, but the issues of Captain Marvel have put me off wanting to see the film now until I’ve heard the reviews first. If Captain Marvel had been handled differently I would have been there on opening night. I don’t want my memories of a great film like Infinity War ruined because of a politically introduced character who has been overpowered to fit an agenda. I don’t want that for any of the characters in the MCU and especially not for characters like Captain Marvel.

    I hope a lesson has been learned here by the MCU and Disney because if this happens again I will never watch another MCU film.

  53. I don’t see a movie unless I see the reviewers I trust first that gives a good thumbs up. My guys all said this movie sucks, which is no surprise since they were more interested in agenda than the story. I’m sick of it and I will not pay money to watch their crap. They have to earn my money!

  54. Slow, and lifeless. I have seen this a thousand times before, and all of those–even Thor 2–were done better. Yes, that include Aquadude, and the mindbogglingly stupid Superman Returns. Unlike everyone else–it seems–I never wanted a Black Widow film, I wanted a real FEMALE (just as they are portrayed in the comic books) superhero, like Scarlet Witch, but I wanted her to be dressed as she is in the comics, not as she is dressed in the MCU.

  55. i found the HD cam version on a website… i started watching it for FREE , 25- 30 min in it… i paused it.. went to the batchroom , came back and watched something else , it was so boring that I did not finish it for FREEE… FOR FREE

  56. Watched CM last night (didn’t pay); OMG soooooo boring, was like watching a slow drawn out oscar movie than a Marvel action film; I fell asleep 3/4 of the way into the movie, gotta try and watch it again,,, smh the torture!! 😀

  57. Bland, Boring, and uninteresting.
    Captain Marvel leaves a lot to be desired.
    It rewrites 10 years of canon and feels like it forces it’s self into they already established Universe.
    The music is nothing more than a wink wink to the audience.
    Though Brie Larson has some good moments but not keep you interested.
    I found myself wanting it to end already rather than caring what happens next.
    I give it 2 stars.

  58. Basically the movie cemented my decision to never watch a movie at the theatre anymore. Between Ghostbusters 2016 and Marvel I’m sick of being insulted. Why would I give any money for that.

  59. Brie Larson is terribly miscast and seems to possess only one emotion throughout the entire movie, and when she tries to be humorous, it just feels forced and falls flat. Captain Marvel is too OP, and as a result, its difficult for people to relate to her. Nick Fury gets the idea for the Avengers from the name on the side of Carols fighter jet. a cat is responsible for Nick Fury losing his eye, A CAT. Shield acquires the Tessaract when the cat coughs it up on Furys desk, totally retconning the events of Captain America The First Avenger. Fury is treated as nothing more than comic relief and Carols sidekick. during one of the fight scenes, a song is played that is supposed to be some kind of female empowerment, but just comes across as really cringe. when a cat is the best thing about your movie, you know your in trouble

    1. “when a cat is the best thing about your movie, you know your in trouble” – unless you are watching Aristocats – which was made in a time when Disney still made decent movies. (Gosh, i feel old now.)

      But overall i agree with what you said there.

  60. Brie Larson can’t act and the level of ‘feminism’ in this was so gross. The montage of all the men in her life who has told her she can’t do something only for her to do it anyway was laughably cringe.

  61. I’m so mad at this movie. They completely disrespect the established lore. They make a joke out of Ronin and Fury. Larson is as bad as we thought, completely miscast in my opinion. I would’ve loved if they would’ve given Katheryn Winnick a chance, or Blake Lively, Emily Blunt…there’s so many others! But no, they weren’t interested in producing an entertaining movie. They were out to make a political statement. The movie goes out of its way to undermine men at every possible occasion. It’s disgusting what has become of hollywood, disney and MCU. The way that Captain Marvel is so ridiculously powerful for no reason at all has me incredibly worried about End Game.

    1. Ummm she wants your money but just for you to keep your mouth shut. Instead of the studios buying tickets for poor minority girls to see the movie they instead started a charity so that others could pay for these girls tickets and put money in Disney’s pockets. I bet the kids would have rather had a sandwich than the tickets. Disney has no shame.

  62. Captain Marvel is a hot mess narratively and never really knows what kind of movie it wants to be. Brie Larson is constantly fighting direction and poor writing and losing the battle in the end. The last thing the MCU needs right now is a Mary Sue with no life. The one thing this movie misses more than anything else though is heart. Without a reason or purpose for existing one is left asking…other than explaining pointless MCU plot points and creating a plethora of fresh plot holes…why was this movie made and who was it made for? Kudos must be given to the make-up artists and a lot of the tech guys behind the scenes. C-

    1. How does CM compare to other MCU films?? I have my best and worst MCU flicks, i’m just curious where it fits on your own list ??

    2. The plot point was clarified in the flashback of her being knocked down by men and getting back up every time. Remember that scene? The whole point of the movie was “men bad, women good”. It was a continuance of the toxic male Gillette commercial with the guy pulling up on a motorcycle “cat calling” her. The point is males are horrible. Nerdrotic has a very well thought out review that hits upon the propaganda aspects of this film. The third wave feminist theme along with the flip from the comic villains, Skrulls, who were terrorists but are now misunderstood refuges who were separated from their families and are really good. Thus, it turns the victims of the villains into the villains and the Skrulls into misunderstood heroes. Hitting on the immigration propaganda theme. This “Mary Sue” just punches into her fist and makes Ronan flee with his tale between his legs actually ruining the cannon of him being a bad ass. Fury is no longer a bad ass who lost his eye in war from a grenade blast in MCU cannon by protecting a superior (Robert Redford’s character in a Winter Soldier alluded to it) but instead was reduced to being scratched by a cat, again changing the cannon.
      Rewriting history is no problem for progressives though instead it is common place. That is why they promote tearing down all the historical statues of those who were Democrats fighting for slavery to continue. They want to hide and rewrite the history. Fury’s scratch reminded me of Luke Skywalker being reduced to a bitter old man sucking on the alien cow’s udder. Kathleen Kennedy was quoted saying “we had to destroy him because girls could not identify with a male hero.” That is the point of third wave feminism. The narrative on males is one dimensional that they are toxic. They are not allowed to be heroic. You saw it in The Last Jedi where everything a male tried to do heroically was seen as stupid. IE. Poe’s efforts to be heroic and Finn’s efforts were demeaned by the women (Poe by the Holdo and Leia and Finn by Rose Tico). Yet women like Rose Tico’s sister or Holdo could do the exact same sacrificial effort and it was heroic while the men were poo pooed. Yep, the theme was clear but that ideology does not make for good characters because to stick to the narrative about masculinity then you lose the ability to develop well rounded characters because you have to stick to the narrative that men are flawed women are not flawed and you end up with a bunch of Mary Sue’s and a bunch of toxic males, some more toxic than others. 🤣

  63. Dont like the character in the comics, but if in the movies somehow the Carol’s personality reminds the Miss Marvel era, maybe I could give a chance, but after see some reviews I gave up, and I didn’t liked Brie Larson’s behavior either, so, I pass this movie and wait Endgame. After that will be #goodbyeMCU, sadly…

  64. I’m a proud leftist, marches, petition drives, fund raising..I’ve walked the walk along with talking the talk. This agenda being pushed by bigots who self identify as leftists is just that BIGOTRY.
    I don’t support Sexism and I don’t support Racism, I fight them, plain and simple. I’m an actual leftist, fighting for equal rights is what we do, fighting for respect and a basic standard of treatment for all humans no matter how much you personally hate them is what we do, fighting government and private sector corruption and exploitation is what we do.
    Hating people for their race or gender because we’ve had bad experiences with members of that race or gender is not what we do, that’s what Nazi’s and other fascists do. I don’t support fascists and I certainly don’t fund them just because they put put something entertaining. I won’t be going to see Captain Marvel or any future Marvel, StarWars, or Disney films. I won’t be purchasing any of their merchandise, not even classic Star Wars toys I grew up on, Classic Marvel comics and related toys, etc etc.
    I’m #BoycottDisney #BoycottStarWars and #BoycottMarvel. And that’s FOR LIFE.
    I don’t see Disney coming out and issuing an apology for being sexist and racist, a legitimate “We engaged in sexist and racist practices and marketing and we have fired the people responsible and we are very sorry and hope you can forgive us.” Until then I’m done with them.
    I’m pretty dissapointed in the fan base myself right now. Either it’s sexist and racist garbage and you don’t support the company, or what the company is doing is fine because you’re giving them your money to keep doing it. Think Captain Marvel and The Last Jedi are sexist racist trash, DON”T SEE AVENGERS END GAME, DON”T SEE LION KING OR ALADDIN. Don’t buy the toys for your kids, don’t take your kids to their movies.
    That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

    1. I’m more a centrist, but I appreciated your comments. In fact, thanks to all of this controversy, I removed Endgame from my personal calendar as well as my movie reminders on Cinemark, AMC and Atom Tickets. This Captain Marvel mess not only deflated my interest in that movie but the 10 years of goodwill they have built with their audiences has been ruined. I can’t go to see Endgame when every second is me wondering when CM is going to take over everything and “show those boys how it’s done.” I’ll check the spoilers when it’s out. If it surprises me, I might consider it when it comes to home video. At this point, the only movies I’m looking forward to are Shazam, Tolkien, Godzilla, Detective Pikachu and John Wick 3.

  65. Not planning to see the movie. I’ll see How to Train to Your Dragon: The Hidden World instead! Already been exposed to so much garage regarding the push of unnecessary feminist-supremacist agendas. With such ‘promising’ expectations that Disney is trying so hard to make it be a fun-watch for the family and a devoted Marvel-comic fanbase, Captain Marvel has not only already fallen flat (no pun intended) on its face, but with so much terrible publicity spewing sexism and racism against men, Captain Marvel has already doomed Disney’s reputation from the start since the Star Wars: The Last Jedi debacle last year. As a woman myself with a thrive for good story-telling, I’m quite sad to say this, but Brie as Captain Marvel makes the blank slate Bella Swan look like Wonder Woman in pale comparison and that is saying a lot!

  66. Whilst I have watched and enjoyed a lot of the MCU films I would say I am more a RDJ fan than MCU fan. No Tony Stark means limited interest for me. Will see it one day, when I can watch for free.

  67. Do not plan to see it. Saw the trailer. The main actress looks dull in it. Like there is an wall in front of her face. Not interested in explosions either. Waiting for Endgame, don’t actually need a filler for it.

  68. I’m against this film, due to the forced SJW agenda. I’m also really angry about how the shills have got behind said film, and review bombed Alita battle angel. I can make up my own mind, I am an adult. I even pay bills and can tie my own shoelaces. What I don’t need, is to be told what I need to support, and what I don’t.

    1. same here also i don’t give a f what she said, not in to politics so screw forces sjw and also mcu’s doom with this ver of cap marvel sjw ver is so obvious (i think here i dont half to explain what i mean, the pattern) so we half to stop it

      i w8 when free stream sites start to show it just to see how mediocre or bad it is

    2. the way fury looses hes eye is dumb, the cat scratches hes eye out lol

      ppl who so the move talked and said, that was the dumbest part in the movie

    3. I cannot believe the gall of Hollywood these days. They absolutely middle fingered comic book and MCU fans. They make a bad movie, cast a feminist to slander the audience, remove the RT pre movie WTW feature, then delete all our reviews. It’s ridiculous they are censoring actual citizens who paid for a ticket, watched what was provided, and gave it an honest poor grade. This is borderline communism and propaganda, albeit with censoring opposing viewpoints. It’s terrible. I’m glad a lot of people are seeing through it, but so many folks who walk away disgusted will just dismiss it as a missed opportunity and won’t know how deep the rabbit hole actually goes, until it’s too late and we have laws against free speech. It will all start online based on political media AND private entertainment industry like movies and tv shows. It’s really on its way people need to get ahead of it

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