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Captive State (2019)

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2 thoughts on “Captive State

  1. I finally got around to seeing Captive State today. I’d been putting it off since someone else I know wanted to see it and I was waiting for opportunity to line up. I’m happy I saw the movie but after the fact I can tell you it’s not one that needs to be seen on the big screen. The alien and alien tech designs were very interesting and looked great on screen but they were used very sparingly. The bigger screen does little to add to the experience.

    At it’s heart, Captive State is a movie about revolution against an oppressive state. It’s a clever and rarely explored take on alien invasion which for me was a welcome breath of fresh air. My only real criticism of their angle on it is they didn’t do enough to hide everything that was really going on. I saw the direction everything was moving fairly early in the movie so I didn’t get the full satisfaction of being surprised by the revelations in the final act of the film. That said, aside from some pacing issues which slowed the plot down too much in some spots I did really enjoy the movie. John Goodman delivers an understated but very strong performance. The rest of the cast is fairly solid throughout as well, although in rare moments one or two people leaned into their role a little too hard. The writing is fairly solid and it was especially fun for me watching how the resistance connected and communicated.

    Captive State isn’t a great movie but it is a welcome change of pace to most of the movies being released these days. I’m happy I saw it in the theater if for no other reason than to show a little support to something different. I just wish it had lived up to it’s own potential by doing a better job of disguising certain threads within the plot. If they’d framed things differently or better hidden certain elements the reveals at the end could have turned this movie from something that just barely hits the ranks of good into something that was genuinely great. It does leave me looking forward to what the writers of Captive State might do next as they learn more and hone their craft.

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