Dumbo (2019)

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12 thoughts on “Dumbo (2019)

  1. Dumbo is a decently entertaining Disney outing but it lacks the sense of magic and wonder you’d hope for in a modern remake of the original Dumbo. Starting with the music. They put little hints of the original songs and music throughout but only one song made it into the movie. The same goes for the visuals throughout. There were hints and nods to the original but just that. They could have done much more than they did to honor the source material.

    This might be the first Tim Burton movie where I seriously question the director. The kids gave great performances but the adult actors all turned in mixed (at best) performances. Including actors like Keaton and DeVito who’ve worked with Burton before and given great performances for him. Here they all fall a little flat. The side characters turned in better performances than the main adult actors which was shocking to me given the cast.

    As for the visuals, everything with the animals was fantastic and beautifully done. The rest of the visual effects were adequate but nothing special. The animals were one of the stand-out great things in the movie. The other truly great thing was the make-up and costume designs which shined throughout the movie.

    In the end, there’s a lot of valid criticisms of this movie but it doesn’t fall completely flat like the average reviews for the movie would indicate. It’s not worth a full price ticket by any means. Huge fans of Keaton, DeVito, or Farrel will be a little disappointed. It could be a decent movie for discount day with the family until Endgame gets here. Worth watching on cable when it gets there eventually.

    1. I am just in my mid-30s, but I very much agree to that.
      Sadly it is a good impression of how creatively bankrupt the entertainment industry has become these days.
      And them curtailing any negative copinion and constructive criticizm doesn’t help either.

  2. Why all the hate on Dumbo? I just saw the extended trailer and this looks like a great remake. I guess it will depend on how good the CGI looks.

  3. How many more stories are they going to pull from the vault and blow the dust off of? Why destroy the hits of the past? Why do they refuse to learn from mistakes?

    1. Simple answer: Because they are creatively bankrupt. They just are unable to come up with new and interesting stories at this point – so they keep making the same old stuff over and over again and try to silence anyone who dislikes that. One more reason why OMB needs to grow.

  4. I probably won’t go see this one. I like the original animated film, though I have to admit that the “Jim Crow” scene is a bit cringeworthy. But the real charm of the original is that not only did all the great Disney animators work on it, Walt Kelly (Pogo), Walter Lanz (Woody Woodpecker) and just about every artist who became a famous animator or comic strip artist worked on this film – quite possibly because many of the in-house animators went out on strike during production.

  5. //Comment//
    Movie done by Disney, therefore I am going to boycot this one. The times when Disney made decent movies are long gone. These days i would particularly avoid showing (newer) Disney movies to my children to avoid aiding to the SJW-indoctrination going on nearly everywhere.

    1. I saw this movie and I think it would be very enjoyable for a family. I’m very conservative and I didn’t see any social justice stuff in the movie

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