Hellboy (2019)

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David Harbour in Hellboy (2019)

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7 thoughts on “Hellboy (2019)

  1. The good news is this movie is better than most of the reviews might have you believe and it is entertaining. The bad news is there are a lot of valid criticisms and while parts of it are pretty good, as a whole it fails to be good enough to be a proper successor to the Ron Perlman movies that came before it. A lot of talented people came together to try and make something good but they weren’t able to overcome what I believe is a mediocre to occasionally bad screenplay and a bad director.

    Let’s go over the positives. The casting for the movie was excellent. Some of them were poorly directed and others slightly misused but if those issues hadn’t occurred everyone cast would have been perfect for the roles they were tasked to play. Ian McShane was the best casting but he was held back by direction that didn’t let him lace a little more of his sarcastic charm into his performance. David Harbour was fantastic casting for Hellboy as well. While I don’t think he could ever be a better Hellboy than Perlman I think with a better screenplay and a good director he could have been as good. Another positive note is the sound. Aside from one song that didn’t fit the scene very well, every song and every sound effect was spot on.

    Back to the negatives, I think the director was absolutely awful! Mis-and/or-underusing a tremendous talent like Ian McShane. Completely misdirecting Milla Jovovich. Encouraging or allowing a horrible British accent from Daniel Dae Kim that weakened his otherwise good performance. Trying to force one or two too many story elements into the movie, taking away time needed to better develop more important points. Adding in very unnecessary extra blood and gore just for the sake of earning an R rating. Not to mention the screenplay, which wasn’t horrible but wasn’t near good enough to fully utilize the talent and skill of a very good cast. Some of the humor in it landed properly but some of it couldn’t have been saved by any performers.

    Long story short, Hellboy is definitely worth a look when it gets around to HBO or Netflix, etc. I wouldn’t go see it in the theater except on discount Tuesday or a discount before noon showing. Whenever your local theater does their discount tickets, basically. That might be worth it if you really want to get out to see something. I can’t recommend paying full price to go see it though.

  2. Just saw this last night. To me, it was just very mediocre. Not awful but not good. I wouldn’t recommend paying a full theater ticket price to see. It had some moments but much of the humor fell flat. They opted for an R rating, but it seems it was used mostly for some gratuitous gore scenes. Story was passable, but needed more work. There are elements directly from the comics that I had to look up. So they are there if you are a fan. If you are planning to see it, there is a mid-credit scene and an end credit scene. They are swapped from Marvel’s current formula. The mid-credit scene is not crucial to future story elements while the end credit scene is.

  3. I admit I am kinda curious about this one – even though they seem to have replaced his badass revolver in this one. And that red/blue glasses on that officer-guy in the trailer made me cringe. Hard.

    I just hope they are not solely focusing on mindless action and actually put in a decent plot.

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