John Wick: Chapter 3

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Keanu Reeves in John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019)

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6 thoughts on “John Wick: Chapter 3

  1. I think JW3 is better than #2 was. Not that JW2 was bad but I think it slipped just a bit off the near perfection that was the first film.
    The ending clearly sets up a part 4. Cant wait. 4.5/5

  2. This movie is incredible. Objectively I give it a 4.9. Because there was some continuity problems. I understand it was getting to dusk at the end of JW 2. But 20 minutes later it is dark of night. Also it was 4 or 5 pm during what seemed to be spring or summer. So yeah, That one thing made me pause. But other than that, the cinematography was great, the acting was great. It kept me engaged and attentive. I loved how the lore was expanded upon. And how the ending suggests that there will be an actual war against the High Table coming. I love how they established an even HIGHER power above the High Table. The Elder, you think it would be an older man, but nope, good twist, it is someone who is around 45 years old. The Fanboy assassin was a bit of a weird part, but it did fit very well. And this movie establishes the sense of DONT LOOK UP TO PEOPLE or try to emulate them, you will fall short and you will die disappointed. The Action was great. The score was great, the very limited CGI was good. Hollywood NEEDS to do that more often in their movies. Less of the CGI Fests and more of the Practicality. Subjective is 5 out of 5 and my Moviegoer which I do on my channel, is also 5 out of 5. Because it keeps you going even in the slow areas because it explains things and you learn more.

  3. I can guaran-dam-tee that I will be there the first day. As a gun enthusiast and an action movie fan. I already greatness in it.

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