Men in Black: International

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Liam Neeson, Chris Hemsworth, and Tessa Thompson in Men in Black: International (2019)

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5 thoughts on “Men in Black: International

  1. I’m not planning on watching this at the theater but will probably watch it at home when it comes for rent just for curiosity. I generally think its a bad idea to glom on to someone else’s successful franchise just to make a bit of cash, which is ALLWAYS what these kinds of films appear to be at first glance. For contrast, I will say that I was hugely surprised by Jumanji 2017; they did use the original idea but just as a framework for a completely new story and it was amazing. MIB Europe does not look like they are just using the framework though; it looks more like “MIB! Now with Europeans!” (Or Australians passing for Europeans but you catch my drift.)

  2. //Comment//
    Eh.. I am not actually sure what to make of this one. It CAN be decent, but it can also be but another movie where a female is being shoehorned into the lead role just because of what is between their legs in order to virtue signal, utterly ruining the experience just like in Star Wars TLJ and Captain Marvel.
    That aside, I am kinda worried about three things:
    1) Not going with the original agents can be refreshing, but it can also result in unrelatable bland characters like the ones from the Disney (Star) Wars movies
    2) in the first MIB it was stated that most aliens living on Earth were in and around Manhattan. Pulling London into this kinda rubs me the wrong way although it may be feasible.
    3) judging by the trailer where they take random car parts to assemble their kit I am worried that the Rule of cool may overwrite actual plot. Sure, MIB never had overly deep story to begin with, but to dilute that even further just for some cool action may prove detrimental.

    MIB 1 and 2 were cool, but MIB 3 was kinda meh, which leads to another concern of this being but another franchise to be milked for all the money left in it before being tossed aside…

    1. I though the second one was the meh one but the cool part will be there probably it’s from the fast 8 director

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