Pokemon Detective Pikachu

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Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith in Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019)

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8 thoughts on “Pokemon Detective Pikachu

  1. This movie was pretty good! There are a few scary parts that need to be explained to kids. (hence the PG rating) Overall though I found it a good family movie with jokes for kids as well as adults.

  2. This movie did have some flat moments. But it was VERY enjoyable. Ludicolo was one part that was confusing. I never pictured him as furry. I always pictured him as a pineapple looking pokemon with a beak. I like the way they did Mewtwo, I like the way they did Pikachu. And Charizard. I SWOONED with that one. The realism they had for most of the pokemon was GREAT! The Ditto as a Human thing with the eyes, that was REALLY WEIRD. BUT it didnt take away from the score.

  3. Saw this as a serious Pokemon Go player with two GenZ adults who have played since childhood. I liked it. They loved it. They didn’t care as much about how the live action performances were, the adored the world. The pokemon were cute, Ryan Reynolds was funny and charming. It worked well for us.

  4. Saw this yesterday at a Thursday showing. It was a fun movie. I think they handled it well. Andrew is right, some of the Pokemon did seem a little less developed than others. I wonder if that was by direction or because of a push on time. Either way, I liked the story enough to not that brief glimpses bother me. Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith had good chemistry in my opinion. I was pleasantly shocked to find out that Bill Nighy was in this movie. Always gives bonus points. I am not a die hard Pokemon fan. Just started playing Pokemon Go about the time it initially started. I would probably be considered a casual players compared to some people I know. Even though I am not entrenched in Pokemon lore, I was still able to follow the movie and enjoy it. Overall I would give it 6.5 or 7 out of 10.

  5. I am shocked, astonished, and a little embarrassed at how much I want to see this movie. I laughed out loud at the absurdity of the idea when I heard this was being made. The moment I saw the first trailer for it though I couldn’t believe that I actually got excited for it. Sometimes crazy stupid ideas can make the most fun and interesting things.

  6. The pokemon in the trailers are a little hit and miss in terms of the design ; it seems like there was a clash between making them look real and keeping the animated look – some like Pikachu look more real, while some like Machamp and Golurk look very cartoony. That said, the acting and writing of this look exception and it very much feels like how a pokemon adventure would look and feel if it took place in the real world. I’ll definitely be checking this out when it hits theatres.

  7. Was not sold on the first trailer, but when i saw the second trailer i knew i have to see this film.

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