Rambo 5: Last Blood

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Rambo 5: Last Blood (2019)

Ratings for this movie will be live September 20, 2019

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7 thoughts on “Rambo 5: Last Blood

  1. I have been a fan of Rambo since I was a 10. Saw them in all their violence and glory. Not once did I miss the story behind them. I somehow was able to understand the messages these movies gave. The last one was the most powerful and most visceral in my eyes. This one hopefully will be the same.

  2. Rambo would have benefited far, far more from an outright reboot than it will from a far too late sequel. An updated take on the original story with an Iraq or Afghanistan veteran suffering ptsd could have potentially been good. A sequel following the original character at this point is just likely to be sad and possibly cringe-worthy.

  3. //Comment//
    The very first Rambo movie was pretty darn good. I’d even go as far as to call it a classic.
    2 and 3 were ..acceptable. Not overly good, but at least you could watch them once a decade or so without cringing.
    4 however, was pretty much forgettable to me.
    With this announcement here, I kinda wonder why movie companies keep making movies when the franchise should have been allowed to rest in its grave. Especially in a time where men are condemned for “toxic masculinity” all over the place.
    My prediction would be that SJWs and radical feminists are going to create that much of an outcry that the producers will be forced to re-cast Rambo as a female – because “Representashun!” In other words: Even if the plot may be solid this time around, the social-media climate these days wil inevitable hamper its reception.

    1. If SJWs say anything about this movie, it will likely be “TOXIC MASCULINITY! or “WHITE PRIVILEGE!”. They seem to want to attack anything that has strong, masculine men in it.

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