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REVIEW: We finally have a film in the DC comics universe that I can get fully behind. Terrific CGI, a solid cast, and witty comedic writing create a fun ride that is unlike most of the super hero films that have been coming out lately. The standout of this film is easily Mark Strong who once again plays a solid villain character. The younger cast is also quite solid as well which is a bit rare. B+


26 thoughts on “Shazam!

  1. Sorry, but your new rating form is ridiculous. Was hoping this site would be a good replacement for Rotten Tomatoes but I am not gonna go through 10 questions for 1 movie. Anyways I don’t have the skills to rate every single aspect of a movie and I believe this is the case for 99% of the population. Sorry that I will not be able to use this site anymore.

  2. I was surprised from the opening scene that the movie was not quite as light and fun-loving as the trailers and commercials advertised. Given the DCEU’s track record that was probably a smart marketing decision on their part. One I am thankful for because I think more people will give it a chance and it’s worth going to see. I was hoping Shazam would emerge as the best movie in this cinematic universe but Wonder Woman still holds that title. It was however, still a very good movie.

    As movie origin stories go, Shazam probably fits in at the bottom of the top. It might have fallen into the middle of the pack but the fun and very refreshing and realistic take on how a young teenager might handle suddenly acquiring massive superpowers definitely bolsters it up a couple of notches. The story overall follows that same pattern. A decent but average story that was made better by leaning into a slightly different take on the superhero movie.

    Moving on, the acting was definitely a step up from Aquaman. Mark Strong and the foster family actors all gave stellar performances. Mark Strong had a moment or two where he overplayed at being the villain but that had more to do with the writing and directing than Mark Strong’s abilities. Zachary Levi also gave a great performance.

    The music and effects were excellent and well placed throughout. The last two big superhero movies (Aquaman and Captain Marvel) both struggled with the visual effects for me because they had moments where the CGI stood out like a sore thumb and just looked fake. Shazam doesn’t suffer from those issues. There was one brief moment dealing with a magic door where the villain finds something he’s looking for that the CG/live-action border stood out a pinch but it was fleeting and the rest of the movie the CG was outstanding. The music never disappointed.

    All that said, the movie wasn’t without it’s flaws. There were a couple parts of the movie that felt just a little rushed. There was another scene or two that could have been improved with a little streamlining. The darker moments in the movie, dealing with the main villain, didn’t need to be as dark as they were. They stood out a little too much and didn’t really fit well with the tone of the rest of the movie. They could have established the villain just as effectively with a slightly lighter touch more in line with the overall tone.

    Long story short, Shazam is a very solid 4 out of 5. It could have been better but it’s better than most of the DCEU. It tells a complete story but leaves plenty of room to expand on all of the characters if/when it sees a sequel.

  3. So i have watched Shazam, the search for the chosen one got me, as i was asking myself if i could actually beat my own desires. Billy gets thrown into it no explanaition what he did become or what his real purpose is, he is doing what a normal 14 year old would do with his powers and he needs to learn how to really use them but mostly just pulling pranks using his powers eventually learning a bit more while he also gets into situations where he really needs them. The story with his family and his mother is pretty good solved, Billy already had a loss that he is trying to figure out and he learns that he has to let go, which i think is very mature but he also gives away something special as he found his way, which was very symbolic and pretty cool.
    As he encounters the Villan he is still a Teenage Boy in the body of a grown up, he is scared, doesnt know what to do, doesnt know on how to take responsibility and now there is this evil and he runs scared until he has to grow up fast, i think that everyone can see themself in this role at some point, not in a way of a Hero vs a Villan, but from the point where u have to grow up that far that u can say playing and fooling around is for home and free time but here and now i have to get my shit together.
    Sad is that they havent given him his name yet, which might be because of Copyright even if i think DC has the rights to it as they use it way longer, but i have to say Captain Sparkle Fingers was kind of funny.
    At the end as Billy brings a friend to the table and asks if it would be ok i wished a bit they would have played the Christopher Reeves Theme as i think this would have been epic, but maybe i find a “Helpful Mexican” who can fix that for me just for the goosebumps.
    And the family message was great really looking forward to see more of Shazam and the Rest of the JL.
    Shazam is one of the movies i have to rewatch too as there is probably a lot i have missed as it was so … i do not wanna say Monumental but it really was big 4/5 from me as in some scenes i thought they was overdoing and rushing things a bit.

    1. Billy got hes power cause the wizard so how he was standing up for hes step brother, pay attention to clues, he send this magical spy’s (no idea how to call this spell) out there to search for the champion and this things see

    2. aa u meant it that way, he got no exploitation, i thought u were talking about that it wasn’t explained to viewer (my bad) lol

  4. SHAZAM!…4 out of 5. The movie was very good. There was a great story. The Shazam Family was very good for the connection to source material. I wish they had shown a BIT more about the Black Adam Reveal. Instead of just an intro connection through magical expression, they could have shown a close up of Black Adam more. I like how they resolved the Mother Situation, it gave him a better purpose and gave him a new outlook. This is a good movie. The second post credit could have been in the main movie though.

  5. good movie, when it comes to entertainment its same lvl as aquaman but Shazam made more sense

    100 times better then CM

    i think they hint a ship between Billy and Mary in future with identical costumes (and their chemistry is different thin Billy’s with others), both have same type and color


    when res of them figured out the little sis said yea finally u figured it out, u knew? i was like lol

    when light bolt went on in hes head and he gave all of hes new step siblings same power i was like hell yea new sh gets real, 2bad i was hoping parents would be part of this

  6. Already have my ticket purchased for Saturday showing. Really looking forward to it. DC seems to be killing it recently with just giving us good movies without preaching. I go to movies to be entertained, not lectured to.

  7. I got to see the movie during early screening, and I was surprised how good it was. I expected it to be funny, but the dramatic moments where when the movie really shines.

  8. I managed to see the preview today (March 23rd) and no spoilers, but it was a fun time at the movies. Levi was able to show what it’s like to have a teenaged boy thrown into an adult’s body, and that adult happens to be a superhero! I think many of us – when we were kids – imagined what we’d be like or do if we were superheroes, so the movie shows the fun I’m sure a lot of us would have had until the supervillain shows up to ruin everything! That’s all I’ll say. It was a great time! P.S.: There are two post-credit scenes, a more serious one not long after the movie ends, and a more humorous one after the credits conclude.

  9. This looks like a lot of fun. Aspects of it also remind me of an old TV show from the early ’80s called The Greatest American Hero but this looks much more entertaining. I’ll also add that if DC comics keeps making fun popcorn movies like this and Aquaman in stead of the “woke” boredom Disney seems to want to replace its hugely popular MCU franchise with, then DC is going to kick some major but in both ticket sales and merchandising.

  10. I am so excited to see a film that is just about entertaining me and not lecturing to me.
    I am very sick of wokeness and politics in my films.
    Actors should act,singers should sing.
    If I want a political message I will go talk to my old Political Science profesor.
    I hope this will be successful in the same way I found Aquaman to be successful,it allowed me to enjoy a film without being preached to.
    I think Billy’s journey will honestly be full of discovery. From the trailers his journey of learning to be a superhero looks like fun as well as a struggle.
    I truly believe seeing someone learning about who they have become and experiencing growth will be amazing and refreshing.
    I can’t wait!

    1. I got home a little while ago! Glad you had a chance to get the early tickets and I hope you had as much fun as I did!

  11. Extremely apprehensive there will be commentary on the man of steel and fight destruction but i am interested in seeing the shazam family against the seven sins

  12. I am actually excited to see this one. As others have said, it seems like a slam dunk if DC plays their cards right with this movie. I did not grow up with comic books, but have gotten into the MCU. Nevertheless, with the recent abomination of Captain Marvel, I think I may be looking for a new universe…. at least until Godzilla King of the Monsters comes out! 🙂

  13. I am really excited for this movie. Not gonna lie, Im biased towards DC, everyone is biased towards something. But I try to remain unbiased, and I think its safe to say that, DC fan or not, this movie looks so good! It looks fun, but not too ‘ comedic ‘, its a kid who becomes a hero! And I think its really cool that they approach bullying in the movie!

  14. I am extremely hyped for this movie. It looks fun, action packed and seems to have a lot of heart. I love the direction DC is taking with their movies.

  15. I am excited to see the Real Captain Marvel Shazam. It looks like another win for DC in my opinion.

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