Spider-Man: Far From Home

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Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

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7 thoughts on “Spider-Man: Far From Home

  1. This is the MCU film I’m personally most looking forward to seeing this year, even above Avengers Endgame.
    I really hope this one can break a billion. Considering Spiderman is arguably the most well known superhero worldwide, I believe it has a gd chance, especially given the quality of Homecoming, which I thought was one of the best Spiderman films I’ve ever seen. I LOVE Tom Holland in this role. To me he is the PERFECT representation of both the geeky and awkward Peter Parker and the sardonic, quick witted, banter fueled Spiderman.

    I’m intrigued by Mysterio’s new origin. I’m also looking forward to see how Chameleon will factor into the story.

    I am however disappointed that (as far as I know so far) Scorpion wont be appearing in the film, as Marvel did a good job of setting him up/hinting at his future involvement in Homecoming.

    I’m really concerned that this may well be Spiderman’s last outing in the MCU, so I intend to enjoy it for all it’s worth. This will mark the final MCU Spiderman movie agreed to in the current deal between Sony and Disney. Therefore the ONLY chance of more MCU Spiderman movies is if Sony and Disney reach a new deal. This seems unlikely given Sony are pursuing their own cinematic universe to directly compete with the MCU, the start of which was Venom.

    I’m a little meh on the whole ‘elementals’ villains we have seen will play a huge role here. It wld have been kl if hese had been actual Spiderman villains like Hydroman, as many had first assumed, but it seems like they are just going to be generic newly created villains (most likely Illusions created by Mysterio to make himself look good when he ‘defeats’ them as a ‘hero’).

    I’m excited to see the new black spiderman suit as it seems reminiscent of the Spiderman Noir costume.
    One BS thing that bothers me in the trailers tho is how Nick Fury is sat in that room waiting for him and surprises him…..it shld be near impossible to surprise Spiderman, his spider sense should have been tingling and alerted him to Fury long before he saw him. Infinity War showed us he does have a spider sense, even if it doesn’t work in the traditional way it works in the comics.

    I think him and Michelle look like a really cute couple in this trailer, so I’m interested to see their relationship flourish here. Tho I do think Marvel/Disney are trying to have their cake and eat it by giving her the initials MJ and making Tiger references etc, yet at the same time insisting she’s not the MCU’s version of Mary Jane. If Peter meets Mary Jane later down the line in the MCU, that wld be ONE HELL of a coincidence of her having the same MJ initials.

    I also don’t like that they made Flash Thompson (the bully) a nerdy little weakling who throws out dumbass insults like ‘penis parker’ at Peter, it honestly makes him seem pathetic and completely unthreatening, rather than the physically imposing bully he’s supposed to be (at least at this point in time).

  2. Looks like a fun popcorn film but, I am wary to see anything Marvel now. Doesn’t look like any sign of Cap Marvel in it – so thumbs up for that.

    1. Yup. It kicks off Phase 4. I’m hoping that by the time it comes out Marvel will be announcing the rest of their slate for phase 4. I know they said they were possibly done with ‘phases’ after phase 3, but I still hope they keep them as it helps guage MCU progress/helps to build hype. Plus I liked with phase 3 that they announced all the films at once in a press conference, it was really exciting and interesting to see what was coming in the next few years, so I hope they do a similar press event for ‘phase 4’ too.

      I’m hoping they do an independent press conference for phase 4 before the release of Spiderman Far From Home, but at the very least I’d hope we get a big reveal of the upcoming slate of MCU films during this years Comic Con.

      The one question of everyone’s mind going into Far From Home will be Is this going to be the final MCU Spiderman film? Ideally they answer that prior to release as I deffo think depending on the answer it would be wise to let people know prior to release to drive people into the cinema, as opposed keeping the answer hush hush, which might actually put people off seeing it.

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