Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

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38 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    1. Wait.. it took you until now to recognize that Disney messed up big time? They have been messing up franchises left and right for years now. Star Wars just happened to be among their first victims – with many fans being in denial about it.
      And with Disney buying more and more franchises it is a fairly safe bet to say that those too are going to be run into the ground in the years to come.
      In part this is because of their apparent belief that mindless action and special effects – the hallmarks of JJ Abrams – are a valid substitute for a properly crafted story. Guess what: they aren’t – and it is why people are so mad about the coillapsing franchises all over the place. To make matters even worse, they have replaced the storytellers supposed to write the plot for movies with preachy ideologuies who merely see a movie as a means to preach their ideology to the masses, effectively turning the cinema into a pulpit. And people don’t like that either – which is why recent movies are tanking.

  1. The trailer for EP9 looks like hot excrement. I want not interested in JarJars return Im even less interested after watching the trailer. I read that comic in 95 – 96 ol Palps clone lost I dont care to watch it on film.

  2. I am giving Disney Star Wars one last chance with Episode IX. If they pull a Holdo on me again, that’s it. I’m done.

  3. I used to be a star wars fan, now I can’t stand the sight of it. I really don’t care anymore. I don’t care to see star wars become great again because I just don’t have anything left for it. The best way I can put it is: The magic is just gone.

    I doubt I will pass it down to my kids like my dad did with me, and I don’t see myself rekindling any of that SW nostalgia again. Its not the typical case of “ooh this looks cool, I’ll just put SW on the back burner and go see this other franchise.” No. I have no interest or reason to go back, not even to pre-disney SW. And I had loved the prequels & clone wars.

    Honestly, the only reason I’m still here is to watch the train wreck, because that’s exactly what KK, RJ, and disney deserve.

    1. I can understand that sentiment. I myself can still enjoy episodes 1 through 6 (by mentally separating them from the utter mess Disney has created), but I hope you are going to find another franchise that provides you with the enjoyment SW used to give to you.

      In the meantime.. *offers a folding chair and some cold beer* …enjoy your view of the trainwreck that is Disney Wars.

  4. The drama around Captain Marvel and The Last Jedi has deadened my desire to see any more movies from Disney. I’ll wait till a friend rents them, and then I may see it. Not a dime is coming out of my pocket for Disney.

  5. I was able to wait for iTunes to see Episode VIII. It is going to have to be some MAJOR word of mouth from the Fandom Menace to have me giving IX my money at the Box office. And I was one of the ones who stood in line for episode V wrapped around the cinema’s building taking my 7 year old brother to see it opening weekend back in 80!

    1. Eh.. no word of mouth is going to be able to get me to see that movie and pay for it. MAYBE if it winds up on public TV in a couple years I may or may not be inclined to expose myself to it, but it most certainly won’t be happening anytime soon.

  6. I am highly skeptical they can salvage the trilogy from the hole Rian Johnson dug it into. I have a lot of faith in JJ but Rian made a colossal mess. I know a lot of fans are critical of JJ but I think he did a great job with Star Trek (Beyond wasn’t his) and a good (but not great) job with Star Wars. I also don’t completely hate Disney Star Wars because I think Rogue One is better than the prequel trilogy. So, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for this one. I’m not hopeful but I haven’t given up that it could be good either.

    1. Eh..
      Yes you are entitled to your opinion which is just as valid as my own, but seriously.. Star Trek being a good movie? I just cannot agree to that. It is a typical action- and effects-spectacle – nothing more. Yes, due to the rights holders being asshats it needed to be 25% different. I get that. But that is no excuse for a plot that is weak at the best of times.
      Beaming onto a ship which at that point probably was hours at ftl speeds away – seriously? We are entering STD-levels of stupid here – which rightfully (and aptly) shares an acronym with a certain type of disease. Beaming aside, why is there an f**in water park in the engine room? Answer: because JJ thought it cool. He couldn’t write a good story to save his life. Mindless action and an abundance of special effects are what constitutes a story in JJ’s mind -which just is not the case.
      These movies are Trek in name only. And the same applies to what he did with Disney (Star) Wars.
      JJ is way overhyped as a director.

      1. I can give you the ‘water park’ and long-range teleport issues. I mean, it’s actually reasonable to accept the ship has a cooling system that uses pipes like that but the maze of pipes it shows off is excessive and unnecessary. Beyond that I just can’t agree with you. In spite of the 25% difference JJ still made the movies look and feel like Star Trek to me. Something STD hasn’t even come close to doing. The stories in JJ’s two Trek movies weren’t great but I do think they were good. I also think he did a good job of honoring the existing characters while updating them for a modern audience. More so for Spock, McCoy and Kirk and less for Scotty (which I forgive because I’m a huge Simon Pegg fan) than the rest but overall a good job. I think the movies have a good deal of emotion and character development which puts them well above mindless action special effects movies.

        JJ Star Wars I think he didn’t do as good a job as he did with Trek. I think that with the exception of killing Han he played it very safe and beginning to end played more for nostalgia than anything else. Trying to bring in a new audience without greatly alienizing the existing fans (alienizing existing fans seeming to be Rian Johnson’s personal goal).

        In the end here though, opinions are opinions. We may greatly disagree with each other but we’re both right from our own perspectives. Most of all of this is subjective.

        1. I particularly agree with the last two paragraphs of your reply. In that JJ-Disney-Wars movies are worse than JJ-Trek. To me the characters in both were pretty bland, but with those in Trek being more bearable. As for Ruin Johnson’s personal goal, i think you nailed it on that one.

  7. I am going to see Episode IX, but it is the last chance I am going to give Disney/Lucasfilm. I honestly don’t think that J.J. Abrams will be able to fix all the damage that Rian Johnson did to the franchise and the fanbase…

    1. JJ did do his share of damage with the unrelatable characters of TFA and replacement of previously established ones. MaRey Sue? BB8? Poe and Finn? Neither is relatable and some are downright copies of previously established ones.
      Jar Jar has had the opportunity to take a previously unseen route of character development with Finn as ex-Stormtrooper. But did he use it? No. Because Jar Jar Abrams is unable to create more than mindless action and special effects. Why else would he have copied so much from the original trilogy that fans often call it a clone?
      TFA was a trainwreck. And Ruin Johnson set that trainwreck on fire and pushed it off a cliff. There is no chance of repairing that damage.
      Go see the movie if you wish, but unless you are able to switch off your brain and revel in mindless action, Episode 9 is bound to be a disappointment because the director in charge is unable to create a good story to begin with.
      Expect plenty of action and effects and yet more mystery boxes to make you come back for the next movie.

      Mystery boxes. My A$$. Those have more in common with Lootboxes in today’s videogames: To make the unwary customer pay more money in the futile hope of potentially being rewarded with something good when the box is opened. It is just part of marketing another movie.

      1. A miracle? Divine intervention would be more appropriate. As in Chronos rewinding time and undoing basically everything Disney has done. And that just isn’t going to happen.
        As a result we need to resort to what we can do: Voting with our wallets and make Lucasfilm and Disney feel what we think of their agenda. Too long have consumers not stood up when they were presented with shitty products.
        Not. Any. More.

    1. The Last Jedi, Solo were so bad that I have no faith in this franchise anymore, and I will not go to another Star Wars movie as long as “Krazy” Kathleen Kennedy the franchise destroyer and her toxic Loyalists work at Lucasfilm, since they can not write good movie to save they’re own lives.

  8. So long as Kathleen Kennedy is still there, I will not suffer through another Star Wars property besides “Clone Wars: Season 7”–and even that I’m cautiously weary of…
    I mean, haven’t you seen the #BoycottEpisodeIX hashtag on Twitter…?

  9. I am a big, not the biggest, STAR WARS fan, but Disney has screwed the pooch and nothing they can do, short of making a XI.5, will get me to give it a chance.

    1. It is way too late for that. To use your metaphor, this pooch cannot be unscrewed. The damage is done and a great many fans have turned their backs on the abominations disney has put out there. and with Jar Jar at the helm of Ep 9, there will be only two things in Episode 9: mindless and incoherent action sequences and plenty of special effects – ad JJ seems to think that these are a valid substitute for a proper story. However, the only people going to fall for that are those who can simply switch off their brains. To all those interested in an actual coherent story, this is going to be a massive disappointment.

  10. I love Star Wars, but after everything that has happened since Disney bought the brand i am unable to accept this trilogy. For me the skywalker saga ended at episode 6. I hope the trilogy from the Game of Thrones guys will be worth watching.

    1. I agree. For me Star Wars was over with Episode 6. Which is why i refer to anything that came after it as “Disney Wars” – so that actual Star Wars can still exist without being tarnished too much by these abominations disney has crapped out.

  11. No question I’m spending a quid for the franchise ever again. Episode 7 was the 1st I didn’t pay to see. Episode 8 was the first that made me yawn. Episode 9 is the 1st I don’t want to hear about.

    I’m very sad my fears came true: I knew Disney was going to make it political _ I clearly knew their buying of the franchise was to give them a platform for their political agendas. Where I was mistaken is that I never suspected it would oriented to far-left and feminism. I thought it was going to be pro-capitalist and tainted with a bit of eugenism. It went the very other way, though it doesn’t make it less despicable.

    The very thing about which I was clearly right nevertheless is that their main objective would be the immediate and definite destruction of Jediism. I knew it was out of question for them to keep alive a philosophy that despises people like them, and this they did. Jediism was a metaphor of life and the excelling of oneself _ this is no more: the Force doesn’t mean anything anymore in the hands of Miss Mary Sue.

  12. I really like Episode 7 and the characters it introduced. When that movie came out, Rey was immediately one of my favorite Star Wars characters (laugh at me all you want, I don’t care). With Episode 8, Rian Johnson decided he wanted to totally ignore everything JJ set up in 7. He made Finn and Poe useless, did nothing with Rey or her backstory, killed the main villain in the middle of the story, ruined Luke, and added completely pointless characters like Rose (seriously, she is the worst character in Star Wars history) and Admiral Gender Studies instead of using the characters we already have. Now that JJ is back in control, I am pretty confident he is going to try to make the best Star Wars movie he can and fix the wrongs of 8 to the extent that he can. Whether he will succeed at that, I don’t know, but the fact he’s directing it gives me some hope. If the rumor about George coming back and helping is true, that makes be feel even better about it.

    1. I don’t want to sound rude or start any kind of argument. Please be sure about that, but I laugh at you indeed. It was pretty obvious from the very moment a girl got to be the heroin that Disney had decided to kill something there. It was masculinity. Then Johnson killed the Jedi philosophy, the mythology and the continuity. And JJ Abrams will not restore anything, because Disney has already made of the franchise a no-man’s land. I’m afraid to say that for me, those who still believe in Episode 9 are probably some of those who believed in Disney: you have to be a naive to think anything good will come of it, or you need to have lowered standards. Even Jeremy from Geeks and Gamers came down to Earth…

  13. //Comment//
    After the utter dumpster-fire that was Episode 8 (and the previous movies to a slightly lesser extent) I have no intention whatsoever to see this movie which to me is Star Wars in name only. Actually not even that. The “Star Wars” movies done after the purchase of lucasfilm by Disney are what I call “Disney Wars” – to draw a clear line between George Lucas’ original work and the atrocious desecration of a beloved franchise.
    The choice of producers did not make things any better. Jar Jar Abrams seems to think that special effects are a valid substitute for a well-written story. They. Are. NOT.
    And don’t even get me started on Ruin Johnson…
    His …”movie”.. was the final nail in the coffin of Disney Wars. There just is nothing left to salvage. Not only have they written themselves into a bottomless hole, but they also unceremoniously killed off the actually relatable characters of the original movies:
    Han Solo? Dead.
    Luke? Dead.
    Leia? Actress dead.
    Lando? After the utter mess that was Soylo, this character is effectively dead to the fans. – Dead.
    Ackbar? Dead.
    Chewie? Not dead yet, but since he is male, he is likely to be next. Unless they stoop so low as to claim him to be female underneath all his fur. May seem ridiculous, but sadly I have a feeling they might actually do that…. It’s not like they’d care about the fans’ opinion anyway…
    C3PO and R2D2? After having been utterly ignored (much to the annoyance or Mark Hamill) they have been replaced by a droid-head mounted on a f***in beach-ball – which means they are technically also removed for good.

    That aside, the utter inability to put together a coherent and interesting story is downright apalling to me as a hobby-writer.

    And then there is their “genius” idea to verbally attack and belittle their fans – a.k.a. their customers.

    In conclusion:
    Hell no! I wouldn’t even go see that movie at gunpoint.

    1. OMG You’re scaring me there, dude. I had never thought of Disney making of Chewie a chick. Knowing how low they can crawl they might indeed come down to that someday… Tears of sweat are starting to fall from my face.

      1. then let me throw you right into the abyss of despair by adding the risk of them unceremoniously killing off 3PO and R2 as well – just for good measure and because they clearly aren’t female. And when (not an if in my mind) they are doing that, their replacement probably is going to be another droid-activist-“fem”-bot.

        My biggest concern, however, is that Jar Jar couldn’t write a good story if his life depended on it. as such Episode 9 will likely be another mindless action-fest with a shitload of special effects on top of it.

        My advice to deal with this fear would be to re-watch actual Star wars (Episodes 1-6) and leave it at that, remembering yourself that all that came after it was but Disney Wars – not Star Wars.

  14. The director from The Force Awakens is the director and as long as no propaganda is used I’m hoping for a good movie.

    1. That depends on what you call a good movie. so far I have yet to see Jar Jar Abrams come up with an actually good story. So far all the movies i have seen of him are heavy on special effects and action scenes to distract the audience from the underlying fact that the story itself is very poor at best.
      If you want movies where you can just shut down your brain and revel in action scene after action scene, then jar jar may provide you with what you desire. But if, like myself, you are looking for a deep and well-written story, then I’m afraid you are going to be sorely disappointed with what this director is capable of…

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