Terminator: Dark Fate

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Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Natalia Reyes, and Mackenzie Davis in Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

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10 thoughts on “Terminator: Dark Fate

  1. Terminator Dark Fate:
    The performance of the Actors is not as bad as i thought it would be, yet something was bothering me while watching.
    It was not the Female Lead, even if lately the so called Female Lead is more masculin then feminine.
    What bothered me was the time paradox they created.
    Terminator 1 John send Kyle back in time knowing Kyle wont come back and maybe even knowing he was his Dad, Skynet sends a Terminator back in time to try to kill Sarah before she can give birth to John. So far so good.
    So john sends a Soldier who is his das and Skynet a Terminator to stop that from happening, if Skynet never would have used the Time Mashine Skynet and John both wouldnt exist, as in Terminator 2 we find out that Skynet only exists because he send back the Terminator to kill John.
    But even while John destroyed Skynet and the Time Mashine after sending kyle back in the past, somehow a T-1000 managed to get send back in time to a different time angle which changes time as John now knows he has to send another Terminator back to safe his Ass, in Terminator 2 probably every evidence gets destroyed leaving no Data to build Skynet, which they still manage through to backup files.
    This Theme goes through all movies, building enhanced Humans also appears in one Movie but at this Point Humanity wont be able to use it for themselfs in the Timeline.

    Dark fate nothing of that matters no more John gets killed Skynet has no need to send back a Terminator and couldnt as it never existed in the first place, John cant send back Kyle Sarah never encountered a Terminator, the time is restored.
    Yet for some reason the Terminator that killed John still is in this Timeline, but not only that he sends Sarah coordinates of new Terminator drops so she can fight them off.
    Skynet is now called Legion which might or might not mean that someone else build a new Cyberwarfare mashine without parts of a Terminator right?
    Nope because at the end of Dark Fate the evidence stays back again, which means there could be a new Skynet by the name of Legion, which still makes no sense as Legion should know Sarah Connor and know that she is a threat, yet she isnt hunted no more she became the Hunter.
    The Movie tries to much by accomplishing nothing.
    Without Skynet no John and without John no Skynet, but that also would mean that the complete Timeline would have been gone, while it still tries to connect to the new forced Timeline that we once again know nothing about.
    Normaly i would say that with the next Movie we might get some deeper insight, but at the end of the Movie as Dani vistits Grace (btw how did she find Grace without knowing the Familyname? Did u ever try to find someone in a City or State without knowing the Familyname?) and she says to Sarah that there will be more. I sat there and thought by myself “sorry, but i dont think so”.
    Who is familiar with the Terminator background John said it that there is more then one Key to the Resistance so if John still would life but Skynet would just have send a Terminator after another of the Keyelements and Sarah as well as the T-101 from Genesis would have gotten involved while John is in a military Trainingcamp or something like that i would have bought it.
    But the way it is now it completly lost its value.

  2. I’m neutral on this one. Yes it looks underwhelming but could turn out awesome. Only time will tell.

  3. I may change my tune with a trailer, but so far I don`t see anything to be scared/interested of unless I drink too much and have to go out behind the bar and see geriatric Sarah in the alley wearing her sunglasses at night.

  4. I wish they would do a full reboot. Go back to its original horror roots. Get away from the whole PG13 nightmare. No tie’s to the previous film’s. No ID politics. A the terminator is a franchise that doesn’t need the original cast since Terminators are for infiltration and can literally be any one.

  5. //Comment//
    Yeah.. I’m sceptical on this one. Have been seeing too much in the way of radical feminism cropping up all over the place. it may be decent, but I’m gonna wait and see on this one. That said I haven’t been too big a fan of the Terminator franchise to begin with, but I do acknowledge that for example the character of Sarah Connor was well written overall – and i can appreciate a well-written character regardless of gender. IF the movie pulls that off, good. But in the days where directors such ar Jar Jar Abrams and Ruin Johnson mess up everything they touch (in part by being unable to write good characters and a coherent story that makes sense for people with more than two brain cells to rub together) that sadly is not to be expected anymore.

  6. Only 3 reasons I’m entertaining a “wait and see” attitude instead of Insta-Boycott:
    2. Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor (should’ve been there in “Terminator: Rise of the Machines” in a similar capacity, but perhaps it’s not too late).
    3. James Cameron JUST produced a great feminine icon in “Alita: Battle Angel.” Perhaps him producing this as well will allow it some extra quality of characterization, rather than assuming it will turn out like the SJW propaganda of late. Hope Tim Miller is up for the challenge; this will prove whether or not “Deadpool” was just a fluke of his. The audience may grant it a “wait and see” if the trailers can sell it (unlike “Captain Marvel,” “Ocean’s 8,” “Ghostbusters (2016),” etc.).
    Then again, just look at Mackenzie Davis–YIKES–going for the Brie Larson Award?

  7. Totally out of question I’m moving my ass or paying a quid to support feminism… I really liked that actress in the middle in another movie which name I can’t remember. That won’t make me go and see it.

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