The Lion King (2019)

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James Earl Jones and JD McCrary in The Lion King (2019)

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7 thoughts on “The Lion King (2019)

  1. Not interested in these pointless remakes, I’ll stick to the original one which is a classic. Disney has lost all originality, its all remakes now.

  2. Not going to see it. It’s just a shameless cash-grab of the original. Not to mention it just seems so emotionless. Besides we already have a live action Lion King: Black Panther.

  3. The original was an animated classic, and at the time, the most beautiful animated movie ever made. There is no reason to remake this. I will spend my money on something new, rather than an unnecessary retread.

    1. My thoughts exactly.

      Movie done by Disney, therefore I am going to boycot this one. The times when Disney made decent movies are long gone. These days i would particularly avoid showing (newer) Disney movies to my children to avoid aiding to the SJW-indoctrination going on nearly everywhere.

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