Unicorn Store

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Ratings for this movie will be live April 5, 2019

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2 thoughts on “Unicorn Store

  1. Honest Review well i have seen it, but i cant really leave any Rating for it.
    I cant leave a Rating because the Movie itself didnt get through to me, the Vaccum Cleaner Presentation was way too childish, i think this movie might really appeal more to kids, it is like Big, but rewinded a grown up women is a kid.
    Antonio who reviewd before me said “clinging to the happines of ur childhood”, well for me i can say i am still doing that as i probably never grow up myself, my Nephew likes to be in my room because i have the best toys.
    Yet this Movie was for me as uninterestring as Documentation about the House of my neighbars would have been.
    And not to get me wrong here it might have had its moments but then i missed them because i was desinterested.
    For my personal taste there was just this “Hey you, yes u infront of the Screen” moment missing, the moments where u as viewer gets to the point where u actually think “ok whats going on now?”
    And i honestly feel sorry for everyone who worked on the movie, i guess it just was not mine to beginn with, but that is because of the Genre.

  2. It’s not a movie that everyone will connect with but if you do connect than it’s really beautiful. Everyone wants to cling onto happiness and not let go of their childhood. The message was great. A few cheesy parts though. There were some funny parts. The best part I think was the acting. Brie was actually fantastic in here. I would give it a 4/5 mostly because I loved the message and acting.

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