X-Men: Dark Phoenix

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Sophie Turner in Dark Phoenix (2019)

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7 thoughts on “X-Men: Dark Phoenix

  1. So i have just seen it, the Movie is …
    I am coming with some Spoilers here so if u wanna see it and dont want to be Spoiled stop here.

    So the Movie has had its Moments, for example i thought it was that boring that i actually went to the Toilet while watching it, did u know there is no Line waiting in the Toilets while the Movies are on? Great i tell u thats really nice, and as i came back and asked my Brother what i missed he said “nothing no action and nothing of intrerest.
    Whispering in the Audience as Raven says the Women always protects the Men, Boooo screams while she says they should rename the X-men, but then as Raven leaves the rest of the Storyline there was a Major Applause in the Room. Same reaction btw as Jean Grey leaves the Storyline, honestly i never have seen beloved Characters get so much hate.

    But there are as always good News and bad News lts start with the bad News:
    If i got that right there wont be X-Men Movies for at least 5 Years, which means in the mean time they can get better or even worse.

    The good News:
    if i got thet right there wont be any X-men Movies in the next 5 Years, so in the next 5 Years we wont get even more disapointed in them YAY!

    My last Words on this:
    Thanks for making this Movie and destroy even more Characters i used to like, way to go Hollywood u are saving me lots of Money in the Future.

  2. They’ve already done the Dark Phoenix story at least once if not twice. Jean Gray goes nuts. Loses Control of her powers. She dies. Don’t need to see it again. There are other classic X-man stories that could be told, such as God Loves, Man Kills. I’d rather see something fresh.

  3. I like the Fox line, after DoFP. It was a great version. First Class as well. This hopefully will be a good send off.

  4. Don’t want Disney to get there hans on the franchise but this will be a good goodbye at least rogue will be free to put captain marvel in a coma

  5. This is my personal most-anticipated film of the year, but that’s more subjective and less objective.
    If I were being purely objective, it’s “Godzilla: King of the Monsters.”
    Subjectively, personally, I love the “X-Men.” I always have. “X2: X-Men United” and “X-Men: Days of Future Past–The Rogue Cut” are two of my favorite films of all-time, and rank as my Top 2 Marvel films ever (suck it, MCU!).
    To me, it looks like they really tried to maintain their own continuity here, escalate it, and spent plenty of time and money to try to send off the X-Men justly…at least, before Disney will rape the franchise into the ground.
    You just know they’re going to be a bunch of morons, assume the X-Men are Social Justice Warriors to the max, and exploit the hell out of it. What a shame.

  6. Honestly this movie is looking like a downgrade. Nothing really appealing, but a lot of unappealing stuff instead. Does not benefit the expected outcome of it. From the suits, make-up etc… to the fact that whatever happens will be mostly irrelevant due to the end of the franchise.

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